Why You Should Avoid Games With Several Bookings When Placing Live Bets

bookings in live bettingLive betting is the easiest form of betting because bettors have live-in-play statistics on their side. These statistics show the events as they happen in the game and with a proper study and understanding of the statistics, predicting the outcome of the game becomes much easier.

There are several statistics that are crucial when placing live bets. This includes: ball possession percentage, passing accuracy, number of bookings, corner ratios, goal-scoring attempts, bookings and the bench.
Of all these stats, the number of bookings is a weighty factor and should be taken seriously by bettors. Read through this article to get an insight into why you should avoid live games with several bookings.

Bookings increase the levels of aggression in the field

Most football fans regard players, especially world-class players like Messi, Ronaldo and Zlatan, as superhuman. However, this is a white lie that has been told for years since they also have feelings. When referees book a footballer, the player often sees more to it than just a warning, and if he is not composed, he can get a second yellow card or even a straight red card. This happened in the Millan derby when Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Romelu Lukaku almost fought in the field, and Zlatan was sent off for the misconduct.
AC Milan ended up losing the game to Inter Millan. For many bettors, this was a blow because all odds backed AC Millan to win the game. You must therefore be very careful when betting on such games.

Leads to unexpected results

When Arsenal faced Burnley in the first-leg Premier League clash, the game was taught to be a must-win game for the Gunners by both bettors and bookmarkers. Arsenal started the game very brightly with good forward passes, high passing accuracy and energy.

The game ended with a barren draw in the first half, and from the first half statistics, Arsenal were the favourites. However, some Arsenal players had already been booked. The situation became worse in the second half when Granit Xhaka, Arsenal's defensive midfielder, was shown a second red card in the 56th minute.

The red card changed the balance, and Burnley took the one-man advantage to launch attacks. Due to confusion and panic, Arsenal's top scorer, Aubemayang, scored an on-goal to give the visitors the lead at the Emirates stadium, and with that, the gunners lost. Bettors who were not very keen on the number of bookings stats ended up losing their bets.

Bookings, especially red cards, make the players panic

When a player is booked, he becomes prone to making mistakes because of panicking. This can lead to a second yellow card which results in sending off.

Red cards have even worse consequences because it is more of a team’s problem than a personal problem, mainly in big games like finals. The team which is less by one will feel overpowered, and the reality of losing the game shadows the players’ minds hence reducing their esteem.

Since there are several games you can live bet, it is advisable to look for alternatives rather than betting on matches with many bookings. 
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Article Added: 23 Feb 2022, 20:23 pm GMT

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