When To Place Total Goals Over 5.5 Bet

Football is a very tactical and competitive game where physical fitness and emotional fitness are crucial to the success of football clubs. On good days you win but losing is also part of the game. All football teams have a vibrant history, and to preserve it, they must either win or lose respectfully. It is not always that we see teams losing with big margins or drawing with many goals. However, it happens. Read through for an insight into when to place total goals over 5.5 bets.

What is Total Goals Over 5.5?

It is rare for a football game to end with over 5.5 goals, but it happens. Total goals over 5.5 mean that the goals scored in standard time must 6 or more for you to win this bet.

Games that end with over 5.5 goals

When an in-form team plays a team with very poor form

A losing streak is a headache to many coaches because overcoming it is no joke. It drains the team's confidence and morel. When football teams are in very poor form, it gets even worse to face off against league leaders.

In such games, you should bank on over 5.5 goals, like in the game between VVV Venlo and Ajax which Ajax emerged victorious with a wild score of 0:13. In the build-up to this game, Ajax had a six-game winning streak while VVV Venlo had just one win in 5 games. It was certain that Ajax was going to win with a significant goal margin.

When top teams in Europe's top five leagues play teams from minor leagues

Europe's top five leagues have the best players in the world and good coaches. When these teams play against teams from smaller leagues in the champion's league, champion's cup, or club world cups, the game often ends with a rain of goals.

For instance, When Barcelona played Ferenarcos, everybody knew the result before the game started. With Barcelona's quality, the visitors had no chance of taking a point home.
Despite Pique, Barcelonas defender, being sent off at the 52nd minute of the game, Barcelona won the game with a 5:1 scoreline. When betting on such games, going for the noticeable results are profitless because of the negligible odds.

When a team is red-carded before the 20th minute

Playing with one player down sounds normal but trust me, it is taxing, especially if the player who was sent off is a midfielder or defender. When such an incidence occurs, the red-carded team's game plan is dismantled, and they risk losing big.

It helps when you take advantage of such occurrences to win big. When Manchester United played Southampton in the 2020/2021 season, everybody expected a tough encounter considering that both teams enjoyed good winning streaks. The game took a new turn in the 2nd minute when Alexandre was sent off.

Manchester United scored four goals in the first half and five in the second half. The situation worsened for Southampton when Jan Bednarek was sent off in the 86th minute, and Manchester United scored three more goals in the last 3 minutes.

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Article Added: 17 Feb 2021, 10:53 pm GMT

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