Why Winning Either Half Is Better Than Win Both Halves

Betting is an activity everybody can do but only a few wins. The betting market you choose determines whether you will win or lose your bet.  Therefore, it is very wise to understand all the betting markets before settling on any bet.

Winning either half vs winning both halves

The meaning

Winning both halves. To win a win both halves bet, your designate team must score more goals than the opponents in the first half and second half of the game.  

Win either half. It is a similar bet to win both halves with reduced risks. In this betting market, a team should score more goals than its opponents in either half of the game. 
For instance, when Burnley played Arsenal in the premier league, the game ended with a 1:1 score. Aubameyang scored in the 6th minute to give Arsenal a 1:0 lead in the first half, but the home team equalized in the second half. 

This means that Arsenal won 1:0 in the first half, but the equalizer means that Burnley won the second half with a similar scoreline.  Bettors who placed a win either half for Arsenal or Burnley won their bets. 

Advantages of placing a win either half bet

It has reduced risk compared to winning both halves

 Placing a win either half bet is a safe option because no matter how poor your team can be, it can win either of the halves without a struggle. 
It is not a must that a team wins the game.

 In win both halves betting, your team must not only win the game but win in both halves of the game.  The least amount of goals that guarantee you a win in a win both halves bet is two because your team must score at least one in both halves. However, with win either half betting, your team can win, draw or even lose, and your bet stands. For example, if your team loses 3:0 in the first half and scored one goal to end the game with a 3:1 score, you win. 

There are several factors that determine the choice of market bettors should choose which include;

  • The teams' head to head statistics- the competing teams' history is very loud and is often important in shaping the expected outcome of the game. 
  • Amount of stake-with an increase In the amount of stake, you should decrease the risk by choosing safer betting markets to minimize loses.
  • Size of your multi-bet- the number of games you predict determines the amount of risk your bet is subject to. With a smaller multi-bet, say of two games, the risk of losing your bet is more diminutive than placing a ten-game multi-bet. 
  • The nature of game-you should also consider the complexity of a football match before placing a bet. If a team is in the lower half of the table and it is playing with a safer team on top of the table, it is difficult to predict who wins since the struggling team will try its best to win a bid to avoid relegation. 
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