How To Utilize Halftime To Analyze Games When Playing Live Bets

Live bet involve betting on an ongoing game or games. Although some people start placing Live bets as soon as the game kicks off, there is an advantage of doing a halftime analysis, so you get a picture of what to expect in the second half. Whether you are watching the game or not, statistics that come out of the game from the first half will give you a good idea of where best to place your bet. Some of the factors to look into in the first half include;

Shots on target 

Believe it or not, shots on target gives you a clear indication over which of the two teams is likely to win the second half of the game. Although some teams will have no shots on target but end up losing the game, such occurrence is rare. If both teams have many shots on target, you can go ahead and place a GG or over 1.5 goals scored in the second half. 

Number of yellow or red cards

It is a bad idea to bet for a team with too many yellow cards in the first half to go on and win the game in the second half. Even if such a team looks strong on paper, they could end up with a red card in the second half, making it difficult for them to win the game. A more straightforward bet and the more lucrative bet would be to go for a red card bet instead of placing a particular team to win the second half of the game. 

Who is on the bench? 

As they say, a good team is as good as its bench. Before placing your live bet, take your time and look at the kind of players a team has on its bench. If the bench is good, there is a chance that a team could turn around the happenings of the first half and win the second half of the game.
A team like Manchester City, for example, has one of the best beaches in Europe; if a team like this is trailing in the first half, there is a chance that they could turn around the game in the second half. 

Past statistics 

Some teams have a history of holding back in the first half and then coming strong in the second half. For such teams, the first half statistics can be deserving; the other team could have more possession, more shots on target and even more corners but end up losing the game in the second half. On the hand, some teams are known to come strong in the first half more than they would do in the first half. 

Say a team has scored three goals in the first half, don’t be in a rush to bet on such a team to score more goals in the second half. First, you need to understand that the game is as good as won, so they are likely to relax in the second half. 


It is no secret that the first half analysis is important if you are looking to win big on a Live bet. Bearing in mind the factors mentioned above, always remember what happens in the first half could imply what happens in the second half. 
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