Bundesliga Football Predictions

Hoffenheim vs Bayer Leverkusen Prediction 12.04.2021
12 Apr, 18:30
Eintracht Frankfurt vs Wolfsburg Prediction 10.04.2021
10 Apr, 13:30
Stuttgart vs Werder Bremen Prediction 04.04.2021
04 Apr, 13:30
RB Leipzig vs Bayern Munich 03.04.2021
03 Apr, 16:30
Bayern Munich vs VfB Stuttgart Prediction 20.03.2021
20 Mar, 14:30
RB Leipzig vs Eintracht Frankfurt Prediction 14.03.2021
14 Mar, 14:30
Bayern Munich vs Borussia Dortmund Prediction 06.03.2021
06 Mar, 17:30
Monchengladbach vs Bayer Leverkusen Prediction 06.03.2021
06 Mar, 14:30
Schalke vs Mainz Prediction 05.03.2021
05 Mar, 19:30
RB Leipzig vs Monchengladbach Prediction 27.02.2021
27 Feb, 17:30
Eintracht Frankfurt vs Bayern Munich Prediction 20.02.2021
20 Feb, 14:30
Borussia Dortmund vs Hoffenheim Prediction 13.02.2021
13 Feb, 14:30
RB Leipzig vs Augsburg Prediction 12.02.2021
12 Feb, 19:30
Freiburg vs Borussia Dortmund Prediction 06.02.2021
06 Feb, 14:30

Best Bundesliga Predictions

We offer free Bundesliga predictions for German football with which you are likely to get profit at betting. Our task is to analyse an upcoming football match in the Bundesliga as qualitatively as possible in order you to receive a detailed preview and predicted outcome.

The German football Bundesliga (. It Fußball-Bundesliga; pronounced bʊndəsˌliːɡa) - Professional Football League for German football clubs. It is the top division in football leagues system in Germany. There are 18 professional clubs in it. The Championship runs from August to May, each team plays 34 matches per a season. Conducted since 1963, before Football was on the amateur level. Bundesliga is beeing One of the strongest divisions in the world of football.