The Importance Of In-Play Statistics In Live Soccer Betting

Placing live bets is the new normal in the betting world. Many bettors find it easier to win and more profitable than the primary betting styles of placing bets before kickoff. In live soccer betting, the live-in-play game statistics are the backbone to winning your live bet. Which statistics do you know?

Important In-play statistics in live soccer betting

Ball possession

It shows the percentage by which a football team is controlling the game. The quality and confidence of players in the team increase the ball possession percentage. 

This means that a team with more ball possession percentage has increased chances of winning the game since it can comfortably create more goal-scoring opportunities. With this knowledge and statistics, you can easily predict who will score next and win the game. However, a bigger ball possession percentage is not directly proportional to winning the game. It would help if you, therefore, studied other stats before settling on any betting market. 

Goal scoring attempts

The goal-scoring attempts show the number of goal-scoring chances a team has created and shot toward the goal. It is relatively proportional to ball possession since a team that has a higher ball possession percentage creates more goal-scoring attempts. The quality of striking force in the team determines the conversion rates of the attempts. 

Shots on goal

It is another critical live-in-play statistics that is crucial in live soccer betting. However, unlike the goal-scoring attempt, the goalkeeper must save the shot or hit the goal post to qualify as a shot on goal. A team that has more shots on goals often scores first and wins the game. 
With this stat, bettors can easily win player to score next and team to win bets. 

Blocked shots

The number of blocked shots in the game shows the quality of forward the opponents have. This also shows the defensive quality in the team being attacked, and teams that block several shots like Atletico Madrid concede very few goals. 

However, when a team is blocking several shots, it means that it is vulnerable to conceding a goal anytime. Therefore,  team to score next is the most appropriate bet in such cases. 

Corner kicks

The number of corners in a fixture is the surest measure of the veracity of attacks the game witnesses. This is because a counter-attack, in most cases, results in a goal or a corner. This means that a team with more corners is creating more goal-scoring chances and stands a better chance of winning the game. 

Dangerous attacks

The number of dangerous attacks that the competing teams launch gives you a taste of the game, especially when you want to bet on a game you are not watching. From these live in-play stats, you can gauge who stand a chance to win the game. 

To win a football game, the team must score goals, and goal-scoring chances are created by launching dangerous attacks. Now you know how live-in-play statistics are important when placing live soccer bets. 
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