Guide To Corner Range Market in Football Betting

Football betting is all about taking risks, and the more you reduce the risk in your bets, the higher your winning chances. While it is nearly not possible to predict the exact number of corners in a game, the corner range betting option gives you an alternative to spreading your risks. However, with the reduced risk comes the reduction in the number of odds. This is no big deal, though, since, for every responsible gambler, the goal is always to win. Regardless of how small your winnings are, they are better than the wild loses.

What is Corner Range betting?

When placing any bet, bettors must settle for the best possible deal, and corner range is one such option when you are betting on corners. To put it into perspective, corner range betting is a safer corner betting option that gives you a margin for error to increase your winning chances.

Say Brighton are playing Crystal Palace in a Premier League fixture; there are several corner betting markets.
I am certain most bettors will settle on total corners over 10.5, with 2.10 odds. Well, this is very understandable since it is a very safe option which reduces your limits hence increasing your chances of winning.

However, with the proper analysis, you can easily predict the average corners that a football team can win in any fixture. This not only improves your winning prospects but also has considerably higher odds.

For instance, the choice I made in the fixture above is corner range 6-8. With odd 3.5, this betting option is excellent since there are three scenarios that can win you this wager in this fixture. The corners can either be 6, 7 or 8 for your to receive a congratulatory message.

Likewise, in the 9-11 corner range betting option, the total number of corners can either be 9, 10 or 11 for your win to stand.

What to consider in corner range betting

Previous meetings

History is very important in football, and even though we often wonder how it happens, it tends to repeat itself. Every bettor knows that research is the biggest contributor of success; therefore, you must conduct an in-depth analysis of the head to head statistics of the teams in contention.

The h2h statistics will help you predict the possible number of corners in a football match.

Team news

In football, corners are often won by forwards since they always get more scoring opportunities, and a simple blockage turns the goal attempt into a corner. When reliable forwards are injured or suspended, especially the front three, there are very high chances that the number of corners will reduce.

Teams playing style

Corner range is a perfect option for teams with a defensive gaming model. Italian teams are renowned for their defensive prowess thus are perfect for corner range betting. It is also common with some coaches, like Jose Mourinho, who has had a very successful coaching career with the defensive gaming style. His team always wins or concedes very few corners, often less than 10. Please try this corner range betting. I am certain you will love it!
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