The Beginners Guide to Live Soccer Betting

Live betting allows football bettors to place their bets in an on-going football match. Unlike the past, when most betting companies only allowed for betting before the game starts, gamblers now have a chance to win big even when the game has started. Contrary to what people think, live soccer betting is simple as the rules are always similar to the ordinary betting markets. Here are some of the markets to look at live betting. 

Possible Markets 

To Win the Match

The bet is simple; all you are required to do is a bet on a team you think will win the match by the end of 90 minutes. Whether one team has scored or not, this market is available, and you can use it to win big. Some betting companies will strike this market out of their live betting options when the scoreline looks unreachable. 

Correct Score 

As when the game has not started, you still have a chance to predict the correct score of a game when the game has begun. Although the risk involved incorrect score betting is high, you can be sure that the returns are equally high. The rule here is simple, predict what you think will be the correct score and win.  

To Score the Next Goal 

It does not matter the scoreline or minute of the game; all you are required to do is predict the team you think will score the next goal in the game. The advantage of this betting option is that you don’t have to wait for the game to come to an end to get your profits; that way, you have a chance of making use of this market as much as possible. 

To Win Half Time/Full Time 

Live soccer betting allows you to predict which team will win one half or both halves of the game. If you bet on a football team to win 1st half, you will have to wait to the end of the first-half to get your winning proceeding and full-time if you bet on a team to win the second half of the game. 

Total Number of Goals

Live soccer betting allows you to predict how many goals you think the game in question will have. Here, you have several options depending on betting companies, some markets to expect here include;
OV 0.5 – You only require one goal to be scored to win the match 
OV 1.5 – You need two goals to be scored 
OV 2.5 – You need three goals to be scored 
You also have a chance to select an individual team to score a given number of goals at the end of the match. 

To Win the Rest of the Game 

Notwithstanding the scoreline, predicting a team to win the rest of the match means a team must win by a margin of one or more goals in the remaining minutes of the game. Be careful about this betting option as the scoreline could deceive you. Look at a scoreline like 3 0, you can bet on the away team to win the rest of the match, and if the game ends at 3 1, you will have won the bet. 


If you were late in placing your bet, live soccer betting gives you a chance to make huge profits. The best thing about live soccer betting is that it allows you to get your winning proceeds even before the end of 90 minutes. 
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