Does Halftime Analysis Help When Placing Live Bet?

Live betting is a new but trendy betting style that has taken the sports betting world by storm. It involves the prediction of live in-play games. Live betting is not exclusive to all leagues and sports because betting companies require timely and legit information to update the live games. To place live football bets, you must be very keen on the analysis, especially the shots on goal, bookings and possession.

Importance of halftime analysis in live football betting

Live soccer betting is very profitable when you place your bets with a proper strategy. It is vital to read the mood of the game and note the strengths and weaknesses of each team before placing your bets. 

When placing live soccer bets, one of the vital components of success is the live in-play statistics. Even though you can check the statistics as the game is played, the fifteen-minute break during halftime offers bettors a humble opportunity to analyse all the statistics properly. With this, you can make more informed decisions before settling on the most likely betting markets. 

Here are the statistics that you must analysis during the halftime break

Shots on goal

The shot on goals is a vital factor that you must check during the halftime breaks. The team with more shots on goal stands a better chance of winning the game because it created more goal-scoring opportunities. Even though it is not always the case, such teams often convert one or more chances to goals hence winning the game. 


In football, a team with better quality in its squad always has a higher possession percentage compared to the inferior teams. It is so because talented players have better ball controls and can hardly make a miss pass. The team with the bigger possession percentage has a higher chance of winning the game because they create more scoring opportunities. 

For instance, Barcelona, one of the most successful teams in history, always possesses the ball more than its opponents do. Below are halftime statistics for Barcelona vs Elche in La Liga. 
Barcelona had possession of 66% at halftime break with a 0:0 scoreline. They converted three chances in the second half to win 3:0. This is how crucial first-half statistics are in determining who wins the game. 


The number of bookings is also a critical first-half stat during live betting. A team with more bookings is vulnerable to getting a red card. You should avoid such teams when predicting the winner of a football fixture.

Goal scoring chances

The number of scoring chances is also crucial when placing live soccer bets. The team that has created more goal-scoring opportunities stands a better chance of winning the game. 

Player injuries, if any and possible substitutions

Injuries are a major hindrance to success in football, especially when the most dependable player on the field limps off. It demoralises players hence reducing concentration and team spirit. You should also be cognizant of the substitute list because if Juventus is playing and Cristiano Ronaldo is on the bench, it is definite that he will be subbed in to help his team.
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