How To Win Player To Score Next In Live Soccer Betting

Hazard trying to score for Real MadridLive betting offers bettors plenty of markets to choose from. Player to score next is one of the most exciting markets, which is very profitable and easy to win if you get your statistical analysis right. In a player to score next bet, your player designate must score the next goal in the match failure to which the wager is lost.

Here is the best strategy on how to win player to score next bets when placing live bets.

Watch the game

Watching a football game is one of the best live betting strategies. It is easier to read the game when watching it. From this, you will make a more informed decision on the player to score next. Watching a football game while live betting it is an instinctive strategy that allows bettors to make informed choices from what they see.

For instance, if Barcelona is playing against Levante and in the first half, you saw Messi's shots saved 6 times, there is a high possibility that the player scores next.

Trust the statistics

The stats are a vital part of winning player to score nets bets. They give bettors an insight into what is happening in the game. For this case, the team creating more goal-scoring opportunities is likely to score the next goal. Therefore, you can choose the player who is most likely to convert a goal-scoring chance from the attacking team. 

When placing player to score next bets, getting the team to score next right is the first step to winning the bet.

Who takes set pieces and penalties?

Every football team has a point man who is trusted in taking set-pieces and penalties. This player always scores many goals, and each game presents them a chance to increase their goal tallies. In tight games like finals, these are the kind of players you should trust with player to score next bets. 

For instance, in Chelsea, Jorginho is the main penalty taker and hardly goes for three games without scoring.

Look at individual players conversion rates

Goal conversion rates are other major statistics that are vital to winning player to score nest bets. Conversion rate is the ratio of goal scored in relation to the goal-scoring chances. If a player converts 5 out of 10 scoring chances, he earns a conversion rate of 50%.

It is vital to winning player to score bets because a player with higher conversion rates stands a better chance of scoring. For instance, if Sweden is playing France in a world cup qualification match and the game is tied at 0:0 in the 70th minute, you can trust Giroud to score the next goal. This is because in the last 20 minutes of the game, teams try to score from a distance and Giroud is has a good history of converting headers.

Bottom line

Each game is technical in its own way, and the situation at hand must inform the choices you make.
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