Should I Stake Low On Multiple Multi-Bets Or High On Single Bets?

why betting on single bets is better than multibetsWorking out how to bet on football games and win is a struggle that many gamblers face. It is all about strategies. Some gamblers have found success placing several multi-bets with low stakes, but some have different tales and believe that single bets are the real deal.

What is a multi-bet and a single bet?

A multi bet is a bet where several predictions are combined to one. The different odds are multiplied to give the final tally, which is then multiplied with the total stake to get the possible win. A single bet is where you stake money on one game. Which option has worked for you? Read through for a breakdown of the best betting market to win you cash.

Multi-bets are less profitable

Many gamblers, especially those who do it for recreational purposes, often place accumulator bets with over five picks. How is winning even possible? Betting is not rocket science, but negligence and greed have made losing a norm. The psychological stereotype that the amount of odds determine the amount you win is backward and false. Unfortunately, the betting sites are counting on such irrelevant notions to make millions of money daily.

examples of multi bet
Instead of fighting against the bookmakers and mathematics, a majority of gamblers are fighting against their own thinking. However, some have found success placing accumulator bets. Are you wondering how to win a football accumulator bet? It lies in responsible betting not driven by lust.

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Why you should embrace single bets

Single bets are capital intensive because to make a substantial profit; you should either place several single bets or stake high on a few singles. The safest odds that can give you the value for money ranges from 1.7 to 2.3. Anything beyond that is good but risky.

There has been a serious talk around the profitability of single bets vs multibets. Embracing single bets is a wise idea for serious bettors since the risk of loss is significantly reduced, but this does not mean it is a sure win. However, to be on the safe side, take time to analyze the games properly. The markets you choose also determine your chances of winning.

Most profitable betting markets for single bets

Over/under 2.5

Betting on goals is a very safe bet that eliminates the fear of the final result. The Over/Under 2.5 markets bias the best option for singles because it has higher odds, which is often more than 1.8. With this odd, you can stake high and win some good cash. Moreover, the chances of winning a bet on goals are 50%, unlike the three-way option, which guarantees you only a 33% chance of winning.

Both teams to score/ no GG

Both teams to score betting market is very popular because of the high odds. Single bet bettors should exploit this betting market rather than going for the fancy and risky betting markets. Of the two options, both teams to score is better because the current attacking football trend, which is popular in several leagues, leads to many goals.

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Winning is the sole common goal of all football gamblers. The singular difference between success and failure is strategy. Single bets are profitable but risky it is, therefore, wise to invest persistently on single bets.

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