Why Complex Betting Markets Are Not Good for Mixed Bets ting Markets

Complex Betting markets come with high odds and promises bettors high returns even with small stakes. They are extraordinary outcomes that are hard to achieve in an ordinary football game but are possible. On the other hand, a Mixed Betting market involves two betting markets in one bet, for example selecting home win and both teams to score.

Mixed Bets s already involve many risks, so including Complex Betting markets is equal to setting yourself to a loss. Here are reasons why including a Complex Betting market like halftime/fulltime and exact number of goals in a Mixed Bets is not a good idea. 

Increased Risk 

Ordinarily, the more the risks in betting, the more the money. However, it is important to take calculated risks; otherwise, you will keep losing your stake in the name of looking for big money. Since Mixed Bets ting markets are already high risk, it is reasonable that you choose less Complex Betting markets. Some of the less risky Mixed Bets ting markets include 1&gg, 1&ov2.5, 2&gg and 2&ov2.5, avoid markets like 1&un15, 1&ov3.5, Xov3.5, among others.  

It’s Easy to Make Mistakes

As is, one mistake in betting could cost your stake. Say you bet for the home team to win the game and a total number of goals scored over 4.5; a gambler can easily confuse such a combination to mean home win and a total number of goals to be 4. Therefore, the best idea is to use betting markets like OV2.5, UN2.5 and OV1.5 in your Mixed Bets. 

The Dynamics of The Game Could Change 

Even with the best analysis, you are never sure of what could happen within the 90 minutes of the game. Imagine a situation where you bet for six goals to be scored in a game only for the stronger team to lose their main striker to injury or red card. Such occurrence is expected in a game, so you should avoid Complex Betting in a Mixed Bets. Even with a red card or injury, a strong team can still score one or two goals in a game which is always safe in less risky bets. 

You Can Lose Money Quickly 

Mixed Bets ting is a high-risk betting market; you do not require a team only to win the game but also score a given number of goals. Including a Complex Betting market to such a bet is equal to setting yourself to lose your bet. Imagine a situation where you expect the away team to win the game by a margin of at least 5 or 6 goals or win the game by at least one goal. If you are not careful, including a complex bet in a Mixed Bets poses a huge risk to your stake. 


Although there is never a 100% money-back guarantee in any sports betting, you must take calculative risks by avoiding high-risk bets. Including a Complex Betting market to a Mixed Bets is clearly something any gambler should avoid at all cost. Instead, go for safer bets that will not put your stake at high risk.   
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Article Added: 03 Mar 2023, 11:33 pm GMT

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