The Comeback Threat in Live Soccer Betting

Comebacks are common football matches. Live betting gives you a chance to predict a win for the trailing team at the end of 90 minutes. However, to make the most out of this betting option, you need to make your selection carefully. There are situations to look at when looking to bet on a trailing team to come back and win the game at the end of 90 minutes.

Stronger Team Trailing 

If the stronger team has conceded one or two goals, there is a high chance that it will come back and win the game. In this case, you need to make sure that all the stronger players remain fit and all the players remain on the field for the remaining minutes of the game. Also, you should ensure that the stronger team has enough time to pull a comeback; otherwise, you might end up losing your stake.   

Winning Team Hit by a Red Card or Injury

A red card is dangerous for a team-leading by one or two goals, especially when it is far from the ordinary 90 minutes mark. In such situations, you have a chance to bet on the trailing team to come back and win the game. However, please be careful when making such a selection, some teams can be strong, and a red card will not impact the game.

In the above game, arsenal led in the 32nd minute but conceded two goals after Luiz was sent off. Wolves went on to win the game.

Important Player on the Bench 

Some players can turn around the game when they come in the second half. An example of such a player is Lionel Messi; in one game where Barcelona played Sevilla, Messi stated on the bench and came on when Sevilla was leading by two goals. In the second half, he scored a brace and helped Barcelona secure a draw.

A Team Has a Lot at Stake 

Suppose the losing team has a lot to lose in the game; it's only natural that it will fight to the end. Therefore, it is wise to bet for such a team to pull a comeback and win the game. It could be a relegation battle, league-winning match, knock out game or cup final. In such situations, if a team is trailing by a goal or two and are playing well, you can place your money on them to come back and win the game. 

When a Team Has a History Of Comebacks 

Some teams have an ordinary fighting spirit, and you can never rule them out of a game no matter the number of goals they have conceded. A perfect example of such a teams is Liverpool FC; when this team trails by one or two goals, it's a perfect chance for your bet on them to come back and win the game. 


Football comebacks are not an extraordinary thing in football; we have seen teams come back from three goals or even more to win the game at the end of 90 minutes. Although such bets are high risk, they promise high profits even with a small stake. However, be careful as comebacks occur once in a while.
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