The Most Common Mistakes In Correct Score Betting

Although correct score betting promises enormous profits, the risks associated with this type of market are equally high. Correct score betting requires bettors to predict the final score within the stipulated 90 minutes of the game. If the final score of the game does not go as expected, your bet will be lost.

Owing to the high risks involved and hunger to make huge profits, bettors end making mistakes. Some of the most common mistakes made by gamblers incorrect score betting include;

Including more than one game in your bet slip

Predicting the correct score for more than one football match is an almost impossible task. Although several gamblers have been able to pull this off, selecting more than one correct score is like setting yourself up to lose your stake. If you must, a better idea is for you to make several correct score wagers. That way, you will spread your risk, and your chances of winning at least one bet will be high. 

Betting On Derbies

Over history, derbies have proved to be some of the most unpredictable matches in football. A derby game that is expected to be close could end up with so many goals. Equally, a game that is expected to have a dozen goals could end up with one or no goals. Some of the most common derbies to avoid when betting correct score include; Real Madrid vs Barcelona, Arsenal vs Tottenham, Inter vs Milan, Liverpool vs Manchester United, Bayern Munich vs Borussia Dortmund, among others.

Betting On Cup Finals 

Cup finals are highly unpredictable as the results of such games do not go as predicted. A game that is expected to be a closed game could end up with many goals and expected to have many goals with one or no goal scored. If you must bet on a football match on the cup final, you should go for less risky betting markets like over or under 2.5 or over or under 1.5. Both teams will not use the same strategy they always use in ordinary games; they are likely to defend more and attack less.

Staking High 

Any serious bettor will tell you betting on a correct score is one of the most challenging things to do owing to the dynamics that could change within 90 minutes of the game. A team you had predicted to score two or more goals could be shown a red card or a vital player could get injured. You cannot, therefore, stake high and expect the game to go as you had expected; bet low; otherwise, you could end up losing your stake.


Over time, correct score betting has proved to be one of the most lucrative betting markets. The risks involved in this betting market are high; however, with the right strategies to avoid silly mistakes, you could easily win big by correctly predicting the correct results of a football match within the stipulated 90 minutes of the game.
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