Common Mistakes Bettors Make When Placing Mixed Bets

Mixed Bets involve different markets in one bet slip to increase profits. For instance, a bettor can predict the final result of a football match and the number of goals in the same bet. Some of the Mixed Bet markets' options include 1&GG (BTTS), 2&GG, 1&OV25, 2&OV25, among others.

Although the risks involved in Mixed Bets are high, the returns are equally high. Just like other betting markets, mistakes are common in Mixed Bets; some of these mistakes include;       

Including a Mixed Bet in Your Multi-Bet 

One of the biggest mistakes made by bettors is including high risks bets in a multi-bet. Although Mixed Bets come with high returns, the risks involved are equally high; therefore, selecting multiple Mixed Bets is like setting yourself to fail. The recommended thing to do is choose one well-analyzed game and place your stake; that way, you will reduce the risk, and the returns are equally high. 

Staking High 

As a bettor, you should have realized that the dynamics of football can change at any minute. Say you place 1&OV25, and the home team is awarded a red card, or a vital player gets injured; the chances of winning such a bet will diminish. Even with intense analysis, always ensure that your stake for Mixed Bets is too high to avoid too many disappointments. If you are looking to stake high, we would rather go for safer or low-risk bets. 

Going for Unreasonable Markets Options 

Much as you are looking to win big, always ensure that your Mixed Bet is reasonable. For instance, you should avoid markets like 1&UN1.5, 1&OV3.5, X&OV2.5; this is not to say such markets are impossible in a game; their chances are extremely low. When placing a Mixed Bet, you should go for markets such as 1&OV2.5, GG&OV2.5, GG&OV2.5 and such as low-risk selections. 

Including One Mixed Bet in Several Bets 

This is a common mistake made not only in Mixed Bets but in all other bets. No matter how certain you can be about a game's results, never include one game in several bets. That way, you will avoid losing your bets if that selection does not go as expected. If possible, write your bets down to avoid a situation where you repeat a selection without knowing. 

Selecting the Highest Odd without Analyzing the Game 

Many bettors rush to select the most lucrative odds without taking their time to analyze the game. Take your time to look at the current form of both teams, possible injuries, and the outcome's significance. For instance, if you are looking at a highly contested game, a market such as 1&ov3.5 or 2&ov 3.5 is not a good selection, you will have a better chance with 1&ov 2.5, 2&ov2.5, gg& OV 1.5.


Even with the high risks involved in a Mixed Bet, there is a high chance for you to win big if the right strategy is used. Also, avoid the five mentioned mistakes; otherwise, you might end up losing your money. 
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