Here Is What to Avoid When Placing the Correct Score

The correct betting market requires you to predict how the game's score sheet will look at the end of the stipulated 90 minutes. Most gamblers tend to avoid this type of market due to the high risks involved and uncertainties associated with an ordinary football match.

Some of the things that could destroy your dream of winning the correct score wager include red cards, injuries or even penalties. Such factors make the correct score market a bet that comes with the highest risk. With that said, here are things to avoid when placing correct score bets in a football match. 

Making More Than One Selection in Your Bet Slip 

Correct score is a high-risk betting market; selecting more than one game is setting you to fail. Go for one game per bet slip; after all, correct score markets come with odds of between 5 and 25, depending on the football game's nature. With just one game, you have a chance of winning big, and therefore you have no reason to increase your risks by selecting more than one game.

Using High Stakes 

It's the hope of every gambler's dream to win big; however, staking too high in a high-risk betting market is not advisable. There are also many dynamics involved in a game; for instance, a red card on a team you expected will score two or three goals could change the game. Stake small when making the correct score bet

Avoid Derbies and High-Stake Games 

Derbies and cup finals are some of the most challenging games to predict. The stakes involved in such games are high, and so players are prone to silly mistakes. A game that you expected will be low scoring could end up with too many goals, and that which you expected high scoring with no goal or one goal. Also, such games have too many cards as no team would want to lose to the game. Merseyside derby (Liverpool vs Everton) has seen four red cards in there last ten games; equally, Elclassico (Barcelona vs Real Madrid) has too many cards. 

Avoid 0:0 Correct Score Wager 

If you have a strong feeling that the game will end with a goalless draw, it is recommended you go with the No Goalscorer bet. That way, you have a chance of winning if the match outcome is 0:0 and if only one goal is scored in the game and the goal in an own goal. No scorer bet is found under the First Goal Scorer market, and own goals are not counted under the first goalscorer bets. That way, you will make better use of 0:0 correct scores with less risk. 


It is no secret that goal scorer markets offer gamblers excellent profits. Although such bets are a long shot to pull, you can win big if you apply the right strategies. Finally, underestimate the bookmarkers opinion; in this case, the smaller the odds, the smaller the risk and with higher odds come bigger risks.
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