Football Markets to Avoid When Placing Accumulator Bets

Accumulator bets have one of the most preferred betting strategies largely because of the high potential rewards that this kind of bets bring to the table. You can choose to make an accumulator bet by restricting yourself in one league or choosing your games from multiple leagues worldwide.

Owing to the kind of risks that comes with accumulator bets, you need to be careful; otherwise, you may end up losing your stake. Here are some of the markets you should avoid when placing an accumulator bet;

Correct score bets

Although correct score bets promise a lot of returns, they come with a huge risk. Predicting more than one correct score is like setting yourself to a big loss. Therefore, you should go for less risky markets like over 1.5, gg or win for either team. When you decide to go for a correct score market, you should go for a single bet. 

Half Time/Full-Time Markets 

Half/Full-Time Market involves predicting half time and full-time results. Even though this market promises big wins, the risks that come with this market are equally high. Combining too many Half Time/Full Time in an accumulator betting is like setting yourself to fail. If you choose a Half Time/Full-Time Market, you should choose a single bet. 

Mixed-markets betting 


Mixed markets are very tempting because of the high odds. However, the high odds come with an increased risk factor making it less suitable for the accumulator bet. It is nearly impossible to predict two or more mixed market bets in a single bet slip and get them right. 

Score in both halves 

Another market to avoid when placing an accumulator bet is including Score in Both Halves market in your bet. Score in Both Halves involves betting on a team to score in both halves of the game. This is a high-risk bet considering that you are betting on a team to score in both halves. If a team wins by three goals to nil in the first half and fails to score in the second half, your bet will be lost. 

Win both Halves 

In this market, a team must win have a positive margin of goals in both halves. In most cases, bettors utilize this type of market when a strong team plays a weak team at home. Although the market promises big money, the risks involved are high. When placing an accumulator bet, it is essential to avoid Win Both Halves markets; otherwise, you might end up losing your stake. 

Exact number of goals 

You should also avoid betting on the exact number of goals because even though it is lucrative, this bet is hard to win. Exact number of goals betting is purely a gamble and to win such a bet is entirely dependent on luck.


Without a doubt, accumulator bets promise big money; however, you need to be careful with the kind of markets you choose to include in your bet. Instead of going for the markets mentioned above, go for GG markets, over 1.5, small odd wins, among other safe odds.
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