Why Placing Single Bets Is the Best Strategy for Mixed Markets Betting

Mixed betting markets are very complex, and to win, you must have a proper strategy. One of the most effective strategy is placing several single mixed bets. It is predicting one mixed betting market per bet. For instance, If Arsenal is playing Manchester city, there are very high chances of both teams scoring and the game ending with an over 2.5 result.

In this case, gg and over 2.5 bet will be the only betting market in your bet slip. Read through this article to get an insight into why placing single bets is the best strategy for winning mixed bets. 

Increases Your Chances of Winning

Placing single bets is a soccer winning strategy that is rapidly becoming popular. It is arguable the greatest way of reducing the risk of losing a football bet because losing one game has become a trend that is hard to overcome. However, with a single bet, you stand an excellent chance of winning your wagers.

When a bettor places a 5 choice accumulator bet, if the bet does not win, one or at most two games likely lead to the loss. If the bettor had split the five picks into single bets, he could have won 3 out of 5 games hence running profits. The 3/5 winning ratio reduces your loses by 60%, which is great, unlike losing the while bet. 

Eases the Bettors Analysis

Proper analysis takes a lot of time, especially when you want to place a lengthy accumulator bet. To avoid wasting time analyzing a series of games, you can choose to place single mixed bets. You will save time and have a humble time to analyze the game you want to predict properly. 
A properly analyzed game increases your chances of winning a football match because you will have time to look at all the opportunities that the fixture offers from all angles. 

Single Bets Reduces the Risk of Losing

When you place single bets, you stand a 50% chance of winning your wager since there only two options; winning and losing. With an increasing number of games in your bet slip, the bet becomes vulnerable to loses. For instance, if you have predicted five games, the risk of losing the bet is five times more than the risk of losing a single bet. As a result of this, it is wiser to stick to single bets in mixed markets betting. 

Mixed Markets Bets Are Complex

Mixed betting markets involve predicting two betting outcomes, say gg and over 2.5 goals in a single bet. Winning your wager is entirely dependent on these two markets. This, in itself, is already complicated. Placing several mixed bets in an accumulator bet is preparing to lose, and bettors should avoid this at all cost. 

Wrap up

Even though accumulator betting increases the odds in your bet slip, it exposes you to higher chances of losing. It does not mean that it is impossible to win an accumulator bet with mixed betting markets, but it is wiser to settler for safer alternatives. Therefore, placing single bets is the best option for mixed market betting. 
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Article Added: 04 Dec 2022, 16:47 pm GMT

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