Here's Why Mixed Betting Is Very Profitable

Mixed Betting is a highly lucrative betting market to venture into if the right strategies are applied. It is a market that involves two different markets in one bet slip. For example, you bet for the home team to win the game and the number of goals scored in the game. Some of the selections to expect in a Mixed Bet include:

  • 1 & GG
  • 1 & Over 2.5
  • 2 & GG 
  • 2 & Over 2.5
  • X & GG
  • X & Over 2.5

It is no secret that this type of selections come with high risks; however, Mixed Betting has its advantages; some of them include:

High Odds

Compared to other markets, Mixed Betting comes with high odds, and so you should expect to win big even with a small stake. Mixed Bets go as high as seven and so you do not need to include too many games in your bet slip to win big. All you require is one or two well-analyzed games, and you are good to go. With that said, avoid placing more than two Mixed Bet selection in your bet slip to avoid increasing the risk. If possible, separate your Mixed Bets instead of selecting several games in one Mixed Bet.

It's Easy 

Unlike accumulator bets, where you have to analyze several games to win big, you can win big with just one Mixed Bet. Most games end up with more than two goals, with one team winning at the end of 90 minutes. Mixed Bets are easy and straight forward and do not require any explaining; even new bettors can easily understand this market type. As shown earlier, bettors have a wide range of options to choose from.

It's Convenient 

Imagine a situation where you only require a team to win the game and a total number of goals scored in the game to be Over 2.5; that's easy considering two score lines will work for you: 2-1 and 3-0. If the game goes as predicted, you will not have to wait for any other results to win your bet. Apart from the Correct Score betting market, a Mixed Bet is a market with the second-highest odds.  Even with a small stake, you are guaranteed high returns.

It's Safe 

Compared to other high odds bets, Mixed Betting is safe as you only depend on one game to win big. Furthermore, you have not restricted yourself to a given scoreline; if your bet is 1& gg, you only require the home team to win the game and the away team to score at least one goal. If you are looking for a single bet safe bet that will guarantee you high returns, Mixed Betting is a good and convenient option.


The popularity of Mixed Bets among bettors is on an upward trend considering the returns that come with this type of betting market. If utilized well, this market will guarantee you high returns from a single game with limited risks. Finally, you shouldn't make more than two Mixed Bet selection to reduce the risks.
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