Ideal Tricks To Beat The Bookies In An Accumulator Bet

how to beat the bookies in accumulators bettingFootball is very unpredictable, thus giving the bookies an advantage over the bettors. If you probably get an opportunity to speak to your guardian angel and you are granted a chance to make a wish, tricks on how to beat the bookies would be a priority for bettors.

This is the case because losing has become a trend that is almost impossible to overcome. However, the responsible gamblers who take their time making proper choices are winning big. Sorry to say but, you lose because of the poor mentality driven by greed. The greed forces you to pick unrealistic bets with big odds hoping to beat the bookies. Wow! That can't happen. Success in betting is a journey, and with patience, today's small winnings are the millions of tomorrow.

Tricks of beating the bookies in accumulator bets

Go for the safer markets

The risk of losing an accumulator bet is higher than a single bet because of the increased number of games in the bet slip. To be on the safer side, it is wise to settle on the safest markets to minimize the risk of losing the bet. Instead of going for demanding markets like direct wins and over 3.5, which are very unpredictable, go for safer markets like over 1.5, double chance and BTTS.

Pick a maximum of 5 games per accumulator bet

The fewer the number of games in an accumulator bet, the higher the chances of winning. Imagine predicting 15 games in a single accumulator bet and expecting a win! Even though winning is sometimes dependent on luck, you stand very slim chances of winning. It would help if you split such a bet into three.

Bet for value not to win

Everybody bets to win. Well, this is true but let's face it, bettors are often blindfolded with a win forgetting that value is paramount. In the betting field, just like all other investments, you should aim at making profits.

Betting for value calls for responsible gambling that is purely driven by ambitions, not greed. You can start with baby steps, staking little on three games, and gradually increase the stake but please keep the number of predictions per bet realistic.

Analyze the games properly

Football betting is becoming more technical by the day. The number of bettors winning is also dropping. To be sincere, football is mutating, thus making predicting the outcome hard. The saddest reality is that most bettors place bets randomly expecting to win.

Head to head statistics are vital as they give you an insight into the possible outcome.

The above fixture has seen six red cards in the past four games, and there are chances of it occurring again. 

Bank on the leagues you are conversant with

It is easier to predict the leagues that you know but better if you have watched it regularly. When predicting fixtures in such leagues, you know each team's weaknesses and strengths, which makes predicting them easy. This increases your chances o winning an accumulator bet.

«The saddest reality is that most bettors place bets randomly expecting to win.»
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