Why Staking High on Single Bets Increases Your Chances of Winning

betting on single bets in footballThere is nothing like a sure bet in football gambling. The distinct difference between a winning and a losing bet is dependent on the choices you make. You can choose to bank on a single bet with a considerable amount of stake or go for an accumulator bet and stake with little cash.
Whichever decision you make can determine the outcome of your bet.

Why single bets are better than multi-bets and accumulator bets:

The chances of winning a single bet are high compared to an accumulator bet. Imagine placing an accumulator bet of 7 predictions and staking low. Even though the odds can be very high, the chances of losing increase.

For instance, despite the bettor settling for the safest betting markets in the above bet slip, he ended up losing the bet. With the seven markets each averaging 1.3 odds, the accumulative odd of 10 is good, which is considerably good. However, regardless of the number of games you lose, whether one, two, or six out of seven, the bet's status remains lost.

If the bettor had chosen to place seven singles bets and stake high, he could run profits. Losing one out of seven single bets is excellent and profitable. Irresponsible betting driven by greed is a significant hindrance to success in the betting world. Bettors are more excited by the possible win rather than placing bets with the highest chances of winning.

The single bets vs multi-bet conversation is a widely discussed topic on the internet, which has left pundits divided. To be sincere, single bets are safer and very profitable for responsible and professional bettors. With proper strategies, success is inevitable.

«Irresponsible betting driven by greed is a significant hindrance to success in the betting world»

Advantages of placing single bets

The chances of winning single bets are very high

Betting is mathematical in nature. Apart from the proper analysis, it would help if you always placed bets you standing the highest probability of winning. With a single bet, a win is entirely dependent on one game. Compared to a multi bet or an accumulator bet, you stand a 50% chance of winning a single bet because you can either win or lose.

The secret to winning single bets is a proper analysis of different fixtures. The betting markets you choose also influence the outcome of the bet. Even though single bets are very secure, you cannot choose a very odd bet and expect a win. If Juventus is playing Hellas Verona, Juventus will win this fixture considering players' quality in their team. A win for Juventus is not guaranteed but staking high on a Verona win is illogical.

Single bets are easy to make

Placing a single bet requires a simple analysis of a few games with the highest chances going through. If you want to place four bets, you can analyze four games and bet. For multibets, if you are to place four bets, you must analyze more than 30 games that take time and increase the risk of losing.

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