How To Succeed In Correct Score Betting

correct score prediction and correct score betting systemPlacing correct score bets is one of the most difficult decisions, which is not very popular with gamblers. The winning chances are very low, therefore making it a preserve of the chosen few. Statistics from bookmarkers show that one in every one hundred correct score bets go through. Why is this case? Safety of the stake and the near-impossible possibilities makes it unpopular. Most gamblers prefer staking on lower odds that are safer and possible.

What is the correct score betting?

Correct score prediction is placing a bet on the actual score of the game. If Chelsea is playing against Arsenal in a Curling Cup quarter-final tie and you predicted a full-time 2:2 draw, the game must end as a draw with each team scoring two goals for you to win the bet. If the game ends with a barren draw, you lose the bet. Extra time result cannot change the outcome of your game.

There two options to choose from; either first half corrects score or the correct full-time score. The chances of winning are equal.

The strategies you should use to succeed in correct score betting

Most gamblers do not know how to guess correct score in football. Guessing is a simple way of predicting an accurate score, but with guesswork, the chances of winning are very low. You purely rely on father nature’s interventions and luck. Here are some correct score betting strategies that have proven effective over time;

Analyzing the head-to-head statistics

With proper analysis of head-to-head statistics of the game in question, you can easily find a clue on the possible score. Football is a historical game driven by rivalries and different ambitions, and there are some prevalent scores between given teams. For instance, most games between Manchester City and Manchester United often end with a 2:1 score. Such statistics are very important and can guide you to winning your bet!

Using popular bookmarkers

The betting sites dedicate much of their time to analyzing football matches. Some can even take weeks to come up with a single prediction. Their chances of getting it right are less than 50%, but sticking to their prediction is crucial for correct score gamblers. John Knows predicts Premier League results every match week, and sometimes he can be lucky to get three matches right. Sticking to such incredible football fans increases your chances of winning.

Visiting various prediction sites

There are several prediction sites with a proven track record in predicting correct scores. It is vital to visit such sites before settling on the most appropriate match to stake your money on. Most sites rate the possibility of winning their predictions. Picking the banker of the day increases the winning prospects due to the in-depth analysis test has been done prior to the decision. Visit as many betting prediction sites as possible. If you find any common correct score predictions in different betting sites, pick it. Even though the prediction can be a coincidence, place it because it can be your lucky day.

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