What Is Winning To Nil And Its Strategies?

Winning to nil is a betting market with relatively higher odds compared to betting on direct wins. As the name suggests, when you place a win to nil bet, the team must win the game and keep a clean sheet. Winning to nil is a combination of predicting the team to win the game and no BTTS and thus the high odds.

Why winning to nil is less popular among bettors?

Even though it has very high odds, placing a  win to nil bet increases the risk of losing the bet. a win in this betting market is dependent on two occasions which if one fails to happen, you wager is lost. Football fans know how unpredictable football is. No matter how smart a team is defensively, attacking wise, and in scoring goals, the team can make one mistake and concede.
In the 23rd round of the 2020/2021 EPL season, only two fixtures ended with a win to nil score. Leeds vs crystal palace 2:0 and Aston Villa vs arsenal 1:0.

The strategies of winning a win to nil bet

Proper analysis

placing a win to nil bet is enthusing because of the high odds. However, regardless of how profitable this market is, you are prone to losing it. What does it profit a bettor to settle on the most profitable betting markets and lose? Thankfully, proper analysis of fixtures improves your chance of winning. It helps to settle on this betting market when a solid team with good defense like Juventus is playing a fragile defense team.

Settle for value, not possibilities

seeing the possible win after picking a bet slip is the most satisfying thing in the world. Bettors are always sure that they made the right choices, and they think winning is almost certain before the fixtures kick-off. Reality hits when the first game on the bet slip ends and results goes south. giving up after losing a bet is cowardly and does you no good. It would be best if you instead left greed driving you to bet wildly aside and settle for value. To succeed in betting, you must learn to appreciate the small winnings since they are very significant.

Choose the football leagues you are familiar with

Football fans have the upper hand since they can analyze the games correctly and make informed decisions. It is advisable to go for the teams you are very familiar with if you want to place a win to nil bet. It helps because you know the strengths and weaknesses of each team in that league. The top 5 leagues in Europe are the best for win to nil betting. You can complement your knowledge with plenty of other statistics and analysis online.

Visit popular football predictions sites 

Football prediction sites are not 100% correct on their predictions but trust me; their predictions are helpful. These football prediction sites hire football punters to analyze the games and make informed predictions. Unlike your solo analysis, punters have more materials to help in statistical and mathematical analysis. Working on a single analysis can take a few hours of serious research and consultations. Please check the feedback and ratings from customers because some of these sites are a scam.
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