Why Over 2.5 Is Better Than GG For Accumulator Bets

over 2.5 and goal/goal in accumulatorAccumulator bets are very profitable but tricky bets. The choices bettors make when placing accumulators greatly impact the outcome of the bet. To most bettors, placing accumulator bets is a fruitful venture because of the high odds, which benefits low-staking soccer gamblers.

However, a single mistake when choosing the markets can be very costly and often results in serious loses. Some of the greatest markets for accumulator bets are over (goals), double chance and win either half.

Over 2.5 goals vs Both Teams To Score in accumulator betting

Truth be told, both of these markets are good and profitable if only you pick the right market for the right game. They also have nearly similar odds, and the chances of both markets occurring in a single match is very high.

Most bettors are driven by greed when placing accumulator bets. You must be extra careful because even though over 2.5 goals and GG are almost similar, there are several differences that are crucial when deciding which market to settle for in accumulator betting and here is why;

Over 2.5 goals is less restrictive on who scores the goals

To win a GG bet, each of the two competing teams must score at least one goal in regular time. This makes it more risky because unless this condition is met, your bet is lost.

For over 2.5 betting, the team that scores the goals does not in any way affect the outcome of the game. The only condition with this bet is that the total goals in the game must be more than three goals. The goals can come at any time by any team.

Many games end with over 2.5 goals without both teams scoring

Greed and ignorance are the biggest hindrances to success in the betting industry. If you look at the winning side without weighing the risks in the betting market, you risk losing big. From a lemans perspective, GG looks easier to win than over 2.5 because, with two goals, one from each team, you are good.

But how many times do football games end with such a score? It only happens when a game ends with a full-time scoreline of 1-1.
For instance, in the 2020/2021 Premier League fixtures played on February 13th, only one game, Leicester vs Liverpool, ended with a GG final score because Leicester won by 3-1. This accounts for 25% of the fixtures played on that day. On the other hand, three out of the four games ended with an over 2.5 score which is 75% of that day's fixtures.

Since betting is a strategical venture which is entirely reliant on possibilities, going for gg, which you stand a 25% chance of winning, is a fallacy when you can place an over 2.5 bet which has a 75% chance of going through.

Moreover, the only instance that a game can end with gg and does not see over 2.5 goals is a full-time result of 1-1. All other gg results see three or more goals, but there are several instances like 3-0, 4-0, 5-0 and 6-0 that are over 2.5 goals, and both teams do not score. Be wise!

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