5 Strategies For Halftime/Fulltime (HT/FT) Betting

Everybody dreams of success. But have you ever asked yourself why other people are successful while some aren't despite all of them working hard? Well, it's all about strategies and doing things the right way.

This is also the case in football betting. Many bettors are glued to the usual betting markets, while others with better strategies constantly explore more profitable betting markets like halftime/fulltime betting. Here are 5 strategies you should know to start your winning journey in halftime/fulltime betting. 

Understand the markets before betting

Lack of understanding has led to massive loses, especially for the newbies.  There are several betting markets that are related but not similar to halftime/fulltime betting and can easily confuse you if you are not careful. For instance, winning both halves is similar to HT1/FT1 or HT2/FT2; however, in the win both halves market, the designated team must score in both halves.

It is sad to see bettors losing money because they do not understand the market. It is important to carefully read the terms and conditions of each betting market before using it.

Trust the statistics

When placing any football bet, the head to head statistics is very crucial. From the previous meetings results, you can get an insight into the possible scorelines in the game. With this, you can quickly get your predictions right. If in a football fixture, the home team has been winning for the last six meetings, then you can confidently predict the occurrence of a similar score.

Utilize trusted prediction sites

There are several prediction sites that are very reputable in predicting halftime/fulltime scores. These are information that can help you select the best fixtures for these betting markets. You must be careful when shopping around for the best options because the internet is full of scam, and you can easily get trapped if you are not careful.

What is the teams current form?

Individual teams form is crucial when placing HT/FT best because it helps to choose the markets with higher probabilities of going through. If Manchester City is playing against any team in the premier league, the chances of them winning in both halves are very high because of their incredible winning streak that has stretched over 15 games. 
In the above fixture between Arsenal and Manchester City, it was almost sure that city could win the match. Betting on direct win was 1.5 odds, but HT2/FT2 was 2.3 odds. Even though both bets won, the HT/FT market had higher odds.  Be wise!

Go for the leagues you are familiar with

Halftime/fulltime betting is more technical than three-way betting since it is dependent on the results from both halves of the game. It is, therefore, good to bet on the leagues and teams that you are very familiar with, say the top five leagues in the world or champions league and Europa league games. 

With such leagues, you are fully aware of its teams' strengths and weaknesses; hence deciding on which HT/FT market to place becomes more straightforward.

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Article Added: 10 Mar 2021, 11:15 pm GMT

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