The Difference Between Double Chance and Draw No Bet Betting Markets

Double Chance and Draw No Bet are almost similar betting markets, but bettors widely use double chance since it sounds more straightforward and safe.

What is Double Chance betting? 

Placing a double chance bet is predicting two possible outcomes in a football match.

In the fixture above, between Burnley and Brighton, it is difficult to predict who will win, but double chance betting increases your chance of winning. Brighton is in better form than Burnley, but therefore they are the favorites.

Choosing an X2 option means that Brighton should either win or draw the game. Another option is a double chance 1X. if you go for this option, Burnley should either win or draw for you to win the bet. Moreover, you can choose the 12 market. With this, either Brighton or Burnley should win the game for you to win the bet.

The double chance market has small odds because it is the safest bet that guarantees responsible bettors profits. The secret to ripping big in the double chance market is staking high and selecting safer matches to stake on.

Advantages of Double Chance betting

  • It increases your chances of winning the game;
  • Winning the bet is dependent on two possible outcomes, therefore, making it safe and reliable;
  • Double chance is easy to understand the market, making it suitable for newbies and bettors who are not football fans;
  • It does not require any analysis.

Disadvantages of Double Chance betting

  • it has minimal odds, thus making it unprofitable in the short term strategy.

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What is Draw No Bet betting?

Draw No Bet betting market is almost similar to double chance betting; the only difference being that if the match is drawn, it is not counted as a won bet, but as a void one. In these two options, the chances of losing a bet is 33.3%.

If you predict Burnley Draw No Bet, to win, this bet Burnley must win the game. However, if the outcome is a draw, you will not win the bet, but your money is deposited back to the account. On the contrary, if you predict a Brighton Draw No Bet, Brighton must win the game. In the event that Burnley wins the game, you lose the bet.

Advantages of Draw No Bet Betting

  • It has higher odds compared to double chance betting
  • It is very profitable and safe
  • It requires little or no analysis


  • You can fail to make any profits because draws are common in football.

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How to win in Double Chance or Draw No Bet markets

Understand the markets properly

Before placing any bet, it is good to understand the terms before settling on it. Even though draw no bet and double chance betting markets are straight forward, some bettors lose because of negligence. They analyze the game properly but chose the wrong markers.

If you find understanding the markets hard, you can contact your betting site's customer care number for assistance.

Analyze the game

To start winning football bets, craft a good strategy and stick to your plans. Proper analysis of games is an essential strategy, and all bettors should do before settling on any market. If you analyze the games properly, winning a double chance or draw no bet prediction will be a habit.
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