Most Corners First Half Or Second Half

A football game is played for 90 minutes and a few added minutes, typically 2-5 minutes. The added time accounts for the lost time during injuries, substitutions and any other breakages during the game. However, in football tournaments like world cup, Champions League and Europa league, there can be 30 extra minutes; when a game ends with a draw result, one team must be knocked out.

In the first half, there is not much action because, at this stage, players are adapting to the weather conditions and trying to read the game. The number of corners, booki9nggs and goals are fewer compared to the second half. 

What is corner betting?

Corner betting is predicting the total number of corners in a football fixture. There are several corner betting markets, but we are going major on the number of corners in both halves of the game. Which one do you think is a safer between most goals first half and most goals second half. Kindly read through to get a better understanding of this profitable corner betting markets. 

Most goals first half

Placing the most goals first half bet is predicting that in a football match, the first half will realize more corners than the second half. In this betting market, the team that wins the corner does not affect the bet's outcome. 

If France is playing Portugal and you place the most goals first half bet, the number of corner kicks in the first half must be more than the second half corners.

Most goals second half

It is the opposite of most goals first half. If a game realizes 12 corners in normal time in this market, 7 or more corners should come in the second half for the bettor to win his wager. If the number of corners in both halves is equal, say six corners each half, your bet is lost. 

Why most corners second half is a better option

Every football match sees more action in the second half. This is majorly because, in the second half, players have properly read and understood the game. In the halftime break, players are guided on dismantling the opponent's defence since both coaches had time to study the opponents' game plan. 

In the second half, the attacking prowess of each team comes to life, and hence more corners and goals are scored in the second half. However, this does not guarantee that corners are more in the second half of all football games. 

The best games for corner betting

A game ending without a single corner is an abnormality in football. But which games see the highest number of corners? Here is a wrap up of the games with the highest number of corners.

High scoring games/leagues

The number of goals is inversely proporti0onal to the number of corners in a football match. In high scoring leagues like Bundesliga, the number of corners is always high. 

Youth leagues

In youth leagues, the number of goals is often very high because most teams play an attacking football mode. These are the simple statistics you should know to start winning corner bets. 
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