Which Football Leagues See The Highest Number Of Corners?

In a football game, there are several events that help improve flow and bring order to the beautiful game. The booking; red and yellow cards bring order but the corner kicks, free kicks, penalties, and throw balls ensures that the game flows smoothly. Out of these events, corner kicks and throw balls are the most common and often happens at least once in five minutes.

For bettors, betting on corner kicks is more comfortable because of its high frequency of occurrence. However, like other betting markets, winning a corner bet calls for serious analysis. Football teams with prolific forwards and play attacking football record the highest number of corners. With such teams, you are confident that your bet is safe.

Popular Corner Betting Markets

  • Total Corners Over/Under- you predict the number of corners in a game. It can either be full-time, halftime, or second-half corners.

  • Corner Match Bet - it is a simple corner betting market where you predict the team that wins the most corners;

  • Corners Handicapped (Standard) - it is a more valuable corner betting market. You predict the difference in the number of corners between the competing teams.

  • Total Teams Corners - it is not the most valuable market but safe. Say Ukraine is playing Germany, you can bet on Ukraine winning over 6.5 corners. 

The football leagues that see the highest number of goals

The German Bundesliga


The German op tie league has great talents, and the energy, fitness, and passion each team possesses makes it unique. In this league, player fitness is mandatory because of the intensity and aggression. In the first 18 fixtures of the 2021/2022 Bundesliga season, Bayern Munich, which is arguable the best team globally, has recorded 122 corners. This averages over 6.5 corners per game. The German Bundesliga is a league to bank on.


The Dutch league is another high scoring league that also record a high number of corners per game. In the 2020/2021 season, Heerenveen FC registered the highest number of corners averaging over 6.5 per game. An over 6.5 corner market is lucrative, and that earned Eredivisie a spot on our list.

English Premier League

The Premier League is very competitive; each week, history is written and shattered the following week. There is nothing like an easy game in the premier league. For instance, in the 2021/2022 season, despite Manchester United being in terrific form, they were defeated by Sheffield United at old Trafford.

This has made bettors resort to corner betting in soccer, especially in the English Premier League. Luckily, EPL sees very many corners, and it is the most straightforward and safer alternative to three-way betting.

Italian Serie A

The Italian league is known to have the best defenders like Bonucci and Chiellini, being very hard to bypass. Bettors avoid this league because of its relative unpredictability. The fact that it also records a few number of goals has made many bettors abandon it. However, with critical analysis, you realize how lucrative the corner betting market is in the Italian Serie A.

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