Over/Under Corner Betting: When To Place O/U Corners Bets?

Over/Under Corner BettingThere are several corner betting markets but over/under options are easiest to predict. It involves predicting the number of corners that will occur in the game. How simple! This betting market requires very little or no analysis to win. Moreover, it is the most appropriate choice for the newbies who are not very familiar with football.

With over/under corner betting, bettors have three choices: over, under, or the exact number of corners.  

Over Corners Betting

Placing an over number of corners bet is the safest of the Over/Under betting markets. With an over bet, you predict the minimum number of corners in a game. Say France is playing against Nigeria, and you want to predict the least number of goals, you can either bet on the entire game, which is the cumulative number of corners won by both teams.

That aside, you can choose to predict the total number of corners to be won by either France o9r Nigeria. These markets are more specific and often have higher odds than predicting the number of corners in the entire game.

The appropriate games for over betting market

When teams with attacking playing mode face-off, for instance, Dortmund vs B. Monchengladbach.
When an in-form team with high conversion rates faces off with struggling teams.
When top teams in big leagues play with small teams in international tournaments like champions, cups, and world cups. 

Advantages of over corners betting market

  • It does not restrict the number of corners in a game;
  • It requires little or no analysis;
  • It suitable for new bettors since it is easy to understand.

Under Corners Betting

betting on under number of corners is predicting the maximum number of corners in a game. It has more odds than over corner betting because it is way riskier and restrictive. If France is playing against Nigeria, placing an under nine corners means the total number of corners will either be eight or less. The team that wins the corners does not matter since this is a general bet.

However, you can choose to bet on the maximum number of corners a team could win, in this case, either under corners for Nigeria or France.

When should you place an under-corner bet?

In fixtures between teams playing a defensive game. Such teams see few goals and corners but often end up with many bookings.

The exact number of corners

Predicting the exact number of corners is the riskiest over corner betting market. The risk of losing is very high in exact corner betting; therefore, it has very high odds. Statistics have it that over 99% of all exact bets are lost and thus the wild odds. Placing an exact bet is hardly dependent on analysis but luck. It is like predicting the exact minute when a goal will be scored; who knows that! It is not rocket science, but trust me, it’s almost impossible.
In the above Premier League fixture, placing total corners 10 exactly has 7.50 odds. The odd is very big, but the chances of winning are very slim. Total corners scored must be 10 in this game for you to win your wager.
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