Common Mistakes In Halftime/Fulltime (HT-FT) Betting

HalfTime/FullTime betting is one of the most profitable betting markets. Even though it's very popular, most bettors choose to ignore it since it is quite hard to predict. However, this market is a jackpot to the responsible gamblers who conduct serious research in different football games before choosing the best games for HalfTime/FullTime bets.

However, with a silly mistake, you can easily lose HalfTime/FullTime betting. Below are common mistakes bettors should avoid when placing HalfTime/FullTime betting. 

Placing a lengthy bet 

Naturally, multi bets are risky for gamblers placing complex betting markets like HalfTime/FullTime bets. A long multi-bet exposes your wager to more risks. In a single bet, you have a 50% chance of ruining the bets; this percentage reduces with the increase in the number of games. When your bet is too long, there is a chance that your stake will be lost because of one game. 

Always ensure that your HalfTime/FullTime bet does not include more than three games as you do on full-time bets. That way, you will reduce your chance of losing your bet. 

Neglecting the bookmarkers 

Once you have done your due diligence over which teams to place your bet, you need to gauge the potential bookmarker options. Some bookmakers offer bigger odds than others in the HalfTime/FullTime. Go for a trusted bookmarker offering better odds to reap maximum benefits from your bet. 

Neglecting current forms 

Football is a highly physical and tactical game that requires a lot of mental strength during and outside the game. Before placing your HalfTime/FullTime bet, always look beyond the team's current form and look at the head-to-head results of both teams and the injury list of both teams. Some games tend to play a draw at halftime and goals coming in the second half. 

Choosing the wrong goal times 

Another vital factor to consider in HalfTime/FullTime betting is choosing the wrong scoring times. Generally, the second half has more goals than the first half.  This means you have a higher chance of winning your bet if you place a half time draw and one team to win the second half. However, if you are looking at a solid team, you can go ahead and bet on the HalfTime/FullTime win.

Not looking at the nature of the game

Always consider the nature of the game before placing a HalfTime/FullTime bet. A highly contested game like a cup final or knock out game is likely to have few in both halves.  If both teams have nothing to lose from the game, you don't know what to expect from the game; such a game will have many goals or no goals. 


It is no secret that half time/Full-Time market is a good market for bettors to make money. If you take your time to analyze the game by looking at both teams' strengths and weaknesses, you will realize that Half Time/Full-Time betting is not as difficult as you think. Take all the mistakes mentioned above and utilize the Half Time/Full Time markets to your advantage. 
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