Corner Betting: Value of Less Popular Betting Markets

There are very many betting markets with different possibilities, odds, and preferences among bettors. Despite these differences, all betting markers require strategies to win. A majority of the betting markers are related to direct wins and goals scored in the game. The stereotype in town is that these popular betting markets are the simplest to win. Well, to be sincere, they are more direct to predict, but sometimes it is not worth risking your money on markets with low odds.

What is Corner Betting?

Betting on corners is predicting the number of corners in a football match. It is very unpopular among bettors, but in reality, corner betting is very profitable. Like other betting markets, it requires intensive research and a proper understanding of the game. This betting market is suitable for football fans who enjoy watching live football.

The corner market is extensive due to the many variations that occur in a football game. These dynamics make it very valuable for responsible gamblers who can analyze football games and make informed decisions.

Popular corner markets that are very profitable

Placing an over/under corner bet is the most straightforward and most profitable corner betting market, mostly for the newbies. The market needs no explanation. Over 5.5 Corners are the safest corner market for professional bettors. In the English Premier league, 90% of the fixtures realize over 5.5 corners every season.

 With this rate, it is worth banking on corners. Some games, especially in the youth leagues, can see up to 15 corners per game.

The exact number of corners

It is the most risky corner betting market but has the highest odds. The exact number of bets is only a pro’s market. Less than 10% of all bettors predicting the exact number of corners win their bets. Even though it has very high odds, it is not worth the risk considering the unpredictable nature of football. Winning in this market is exclusively reliant on luck.

Corner Match Bet

Another straightforward corner betting market you should try is the corner match bet. It involves predicting the team that will win most corners. How simple! If Barcelona is playing against Athletic Bilbao in a Copa del Ray cup tie, there is over 90% chance that Barca will win with an odd of 1.36. However, football being what it is, the result can go either sides.

That aside, Barcelona finishing the game with the most corners has higher odds than placing a direct win bet. Keeping all aspects constant, Barcelona has a way superior team, and they will definitely tear Athletic Bilbao's defense apart. Such simple analysis differentiates a winner and a loser. It will help if you make an informed and favorable choice before settling on any betting market.

Total Team Corners

Predicting the number of corners that a team can win is another good betting market. With this betting market, you can place an over/under bet which the team will win either in the first half, second half, or within 90 minutes. It is always advisable to bank on the stronger teams.

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