5 Awesome Markets For Accumulator Betting

An accumulator bet is a selection of multiple games in one bet. It has higher odds than single bets because each game's odds are multiplied to get the cumulative odds of the bet. However, since accumulator bets have a number of games, the possibilities of losing increase. To avoid this, bettors should select their games wisely, after a detailed analysis and keep the number of the games in the bet slip realistic. 

Moreover, the type of bet chosen is critical to winning the wager. Read through to get an insight into five fantastic markets that increases your chances of winning accumulator bets. 

Double chance

When placing a football bet, every bettor's priority is winning. This is not always the case because of the decisions you make, which are often driven by greed. Instead of striving to win little and gradually establish oneself in the betting world, most bettors try to go or the wild bets with very high odds. 
It is very possible to win such bets, but it does not happen daily. The risk in high-odd betting markets like correct score is that it is lucrative but hard to predict. Going for double chance is an excellent idea because your chances of winning a bet are 75%. Even though it has slightly lower odds, you stand a better chance of winning. 

Over 1.5 goals 

There are only three secrets of winning accumulator bets: proper analysis, picking the correct choices of bets and predicting reduced number of games, preferably four. The over 1.5 betting market is great because it reduces the risks of losing a bet. How often do games realise more than two goals? Realistically, over 80% of games realise two or more games, especially the youth and women leagues. You should consider this market when placing our accumulator bets to avoid regrets. 

Draw no bet

This is another great choice for accumulator bets. With this betting market, your bet wins if only the team that you placed wins the game. However, the beauty with the draw no bet is that you cannot lose unless your team is beaten. In an event the teams draw, the game is omitted from your bet slip by replacing the initial odds with 1. This will reduce your winnings, but it is better than losing all your money. 

Win either half

The win either half market is not very popular in the betting world. With this betting market, your team can lose or draw, but your win stands because a win in either halves of the game, first or second, guarantees you a win. 

Score in either half

Placing a score in either half bet is another excellent choice for accumulator bets. Score in either half is a great goal scoring market which to win, your team must score at least one goal in either half of the game. It is a very safe betting market because it does not rely on any team winning the game. 

With these betting markets, you stand a higher chance of winning your accumulators.  
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