Why Draws Have Very High Odds

Best draw betting strategiesAn ordinary football match can have three outcomes; a win, a draw, or a loss with respect to one team. Let’s face it; a draw is a common phenomenon in Football; if you look at Football live score today, you will realize that for every five games, you will hardly miss a match that has ended at a draw. It is also important to note there is a high probability for draws in some leagues than others.

Best draw betting strategies

Most gamblers depend on league tables when analyzing teams that are likely to end at a draw. The thinking is simple, teams that share the same point or have 2 or 3 points apart are almost similar in quality, which is not always the case. Remember, they are equally motivated to win the match, and a draw will feel more like losing two points than gaining one. Unless you are looking at a scenario where one team will be satisfied by one point, assuming that teams not far from each other in the table will play a draw is a wrong call.

High-stakes games like derbies, cup finals, or even relegation battles have a high chance of ending without goals or fewer scoring draws. If you are looking at such games, you might want to try your luck by staking on draws.

«If you are looking at two teams with nothing to lose, there is a chance for the game to end at a draw»

How to predict a draw in a football match

When choosing a game to bet a draw, it is important to consider the stage of the competition. If you are looking at two teams with nothing to lose, there is a chance for the game to end at a draw. Also, the opinion of bookmarkers matters; for instance, if the odd for the game to end at a draw is anything less than 3.30, and you should try your luck.

Playing style is another important thing to consider when betting a Draw. If you are looking at two teams of almost similar strengths that play a similar type of Football, then there is a high probability of ending at a draw.

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Draws with goals or without goals

Betting on a draw does not matter the number of goals scored, whether the game ends with goals or without. Most draw games will have less than 2.5 goals as they will have zero or two goals. It is also important to note that high scoring goals as synonymous with Bundesliga and the Dutch Eredivisie, while you will find low scoring draws in the Italian leagues and the English Premier League.

Gamblers looking to win big will want to combine one draw with safer bets like GG, Over 1.5, or Over 2.5. Bookmarkers will place the draw odd as the highest majorly because teams approach games with the mentality of winning instead of sharing spoils.


Although every game has the possibility of ending at a draw, there is a higher chance of either team winning the game. It is possible to win bets involving draws; however, you have to do your analysis well and select your games wisely. You have to consider the country, playing styles, and most importantly, previous meetings. Otherwise, you can win big from betting on draws.
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