What Is Scoring In Both Halves?

Having quality footballers is crucial to the success of every football team. Quality players read the game correctly, and with their skills, they can break opponents’ defence without a struggle. It sounds crazy, but talk of Messi, Ronaldo, Lewandoski and Ibrahimovic. In a good season, these players score over 40 goals averaging at least one goal every day.

To contextualize it, goals lead to win, which with consistency, result in the league and cup victories. But how common are these goals? What are the chances of scoring in both halves? Read through to get a better understanding of goal scoring ratios in both halves. 

The Meaning of Scoring In Both Halves

The name explains it all. This football betting market is entirely dependent on the goals scored by a designate team. If team Y is playing team X, you must choose which team to place a score in both halves bet. If your choice is team X, this team must score at least one goal in both halves of the game. The minute in which the goal is score3d does not matter. However, it must come within 90 minutes or added time. Any extra time goals do not count in this betting market. 
In the above champions’ league fixture between Atalanta and real Madrid, Atalantais the favourite considering their terrific form the team has had this season. 

Atalanta to score both halves yes @ 3.00 odds

Placing an Atalanta to win both halves bet means that the home team must score at least once in every half. The team that will win the game cannot in anyway affect the outcome of your bet. If the half time result is Atalanta 1 Real Madrid 0, your bet is safe. However, it must score again in the second half for you to win the bet. Even if the final score ends as 2:3 in favour of real Madrid, your wager still wins because Atalanta has scored one more goal despite losing the game. 

Atalanta to score in both halves no @ 1.38 odds

It is the opposite of the initial market. Even though the odds suggest that it is a very safe bet, Atalanta to score in both halves no, can be a tricky bet since Atalanta is a goal-scoring team. There are only three ways that you can win this bet. In the first option, the game must end with a barren draw in both halves, meaning that Atalanta will score no goal in the game for you to win. Secondly, the game can end in a barren draw first half and Atalanta scores in the second half. In the third winning option, Atalanta should score in the first half and not score in the second half. 
The same applies to real Madrid’s score in both halves market. 

Teams to Avoid When Placing Score in Both Halves No

  • High scoring teams like Bayern Munchen
  • Teams playing in lower divisions like English youth leagues
  • Women football teams because they are very unpredictable
  • Football teams with prolific forwards like PSG
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