The Rules and Strategies of Anytime Goalscorer Betting Market

how to place a anytime goalscorer betWhat is the best strategy that you can use to place an anytime goalscorer bet? Placing an anytime goalscorer ticket is betting for a specific player to score within the regular playtime. It is a safer football bet compared to the player to score next because even if a player scores before your player designate, the bet still stands.

It is a risk worth taking because it has more odds compared to the regular betting options like Over/Under and Both Teams To Score.

Rules Of How To Bet On Anytime Goalscorer

It is advisable to research different betting options before settling on any plan. Player to score, as it is also known, has several rules that might be troublesome if you are not conversant with them. The player you pick must score within 90 minutes or added time—the number of goals that the player scores do not affect the outcome of the bet.

Even if the player you placed your bet on came on at the 86th minute to play for four minutes and added time and fails to score, you lose your bet. You can only get a refund of your stake if the player designate does not get playtime either as a starter or substitute. Although placing a anytime goalscorer prediction seems complicated when you have not used it, it is relatively straightforward - also try the tips we give on a dedicated page of Main-Bet for anytime goalscorer betting market.

Strategies Of Anytime Goalscorer Market

When determining who will score a goal in today's match, there are several considerations and analysis that gamblers should make. You should be very patient when choosing a player to score to avoid unnecessary mistakes that can make you lose your bet. Here is an insight into the strategies that can help you select the most appropriate player to score.

Choose the most prolific forward player

Players playing an attacking position stand a better scoring chance compared to the midfielders and defenders. They are often in right scoring positions, therefore increasing their chances of scoring goals. Review the current scoring records and statistics before settling on whom to place your money on. The fitness and resilience of the player should be on point. Please do not choose a player with lousy injury records or discipline issues since they can be removed from the field anytime.

Check the head-to-head statistics

History is a very big reality in football. There are several players who have good scoring records with particular teams but struggle to score in other games. Wayne Rooney, during his time at Manchester United, lived scoring against Arsenal. His goal conversion rate averaged almost one goal per game against Arsenal.

There are several such cases that you should consider when placing an anytime goalscorer bet. Some players have played over ten goals with a certain team but have failed to net a single goal. Avoid such players.

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Bet after checking the official lineup

Teams' lineups are available over half an hour to the onset of any football game. If you are patient to wait, you will make a more informed decision. Bet on the primary striker to score because they stand over 50% chance to score goals in every game.

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