First, Last and Anytime Goalscorer Explained

Most gamblers place bets and rely on final results to know their fate. That’s not the case with the First Goalscorer, Last Goalscorer, and Anytime Goalscorer type of bet. Here, you choose your player(s), along with the kind of bet you want.

There are three possibilities for goal scorer bets: the first goal score, anytime goal scorer, last goal scorer, and no goal scorer. Before we look into this type of bet, let us look at the common goal scorer rules. 

First Goal Scorer 

You only win this bet if you successfully choose the first goalscorer from the regular 90 minutes to playtime, excluding your own goals. The first goalscorer has some decent odds available. Here, look at the teams’ leading goal scorer, defenders with the habit of scoring corners, especially in a highly contested game. 

Anytime goalscorer

The name can sometimes be misleading since anytime goal scorer does not include extra time. Unlike the First Goal Scorer bet, whoever scores the first goal does not matter when it comes to this bet. This means that your chance will be alive from the first minute of the game to the last minute. Compared to the First or the Last Goalscorer, the Anytime Goalscorer bet is safe but comes with a smaller odd. 

Last goalscorer

Another exciting goal scorer bet you should consider your luck on is the Last goal scorer. It is a high tense type of bet since you will only win your bet if no player scores after your last goal scorer, player of choice scores. Most bookies put the odd for the first and the last scorers to be equal. 

If you place the same player to score the first and the last goal and your player of choice score the only game of the match, you will smile at your bank account. 

Common Goal Scorer Rules 

The first and the most important thing you should know about the goalscorer bets is that your own goals do not count. If you bet on Lionel Messi to score the first goal, but the opening goal sees a player put a goal to their net, you have no reason to worry since your bet is still alive.

Just like other bets, the regular 90 minutes of play counts when it comes to these bets. If the regular 90 minutes of play elapse without a goal, then your bet will have gone.

It is important that you also check the rule substitutions. For instance, if you place a bet on Olivier Giroud and stays on the bench until the first goal is scored or fails to make it to the field within the regularly 90 minutes of play. The rules here differ depending on where you choose to place your bet, so it’s important to check your bookies' terms and conditions before placing your bet. 


Looking at the above three types of bet types, we can comfortably say the Anytime Goal Scorer is the safest of three. However, First Scorer or Last Goalscorer bets comes with big odds. If you want more money, you will go with the First or Last goal scorer. 
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