"Team To Win Both Halves" Strategy Betting

In a football match, what transpires during the game has a considerable impact on the final score result. However, no matter how many goals a team scores in normal time, it cannot win unless it scores more goals than its opponents.  Moreover, the time the goals were scored also does not matter.

What is win both halves

In this betting market, a team must score more goals than their opponents in both halves. In simpler terms, the team must score at least a goal in each half, but the goal/s must be more the other teams' goals in both halves. However, the number of goals scored in any halve does not affect a win both halves bet. 
For example, in the premier league fixture above, Manchester City vs Manchester United, you can choose to place any bet. But how profitable is it?
Manchester United won the game by two goals to nill. The game was a tough one to predict because both teams are doing very well in the 2020/2021 premier league season. 

Manchester United won both halves of the game; hence bettors who place a win both halves in favour of Manchester United won their wagers. The reds were awarded a penalty in the second minute, and Bruno Fernandes made no mistake to give Manchester United a win nil lead through to the first half of the game. 

Despite the fierce counter-attacks from the citizens, the reds were very orderly, especially in dismantling the Manchester city attack. In the 50th minute, luke shaw scored another Manchester united goals to extend Manchester united lead to 2:0. This win was not only a joy to Manchester united fans but to all bettors who placed a win both halves to Manchester united. 

In the above fixture, Manchester United won by 1:0 in the first half and 1:0 in the second half. This means that they scored more goals than their opponents in both halves of the game. 

Why win both halves is a very profitable betting market

This betting market has very high odds compared to the famous options like three-way betting, over/under and double chance betting. 
Here are the odds for the win both halves in the Manchester City vs Manchester United game. Win both halves –Manchester city, the odds were 6.0. this is a very high odd but the winning odd was even higher. Manchester to win both halves was 13 odds. How higher can it get? 

What you must do to win both halves bet

Understand the terms and conditions of win both halves betting
It is very crucial to understand what a betting market means and the expected results. Sadly, most bettors lose their bets not because, even after analyzing the game properly, they do not understand the meaning of the market. There is a confusion between win either half, halftime/fulltime betting and win both halves. 

Analyze the games properly

Proper analysis is vital to winning any football bet. It gives you a better understanding of the teams' strengths and weaknesses, which helps you choose the best teams for win both halves betting. 
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