The Rules And Strategies Of Live Soccer Betting

Live soccer betting is very profitable for avid football fans who can read and understand football games. There are several factors that determine the odds in a live game, thus causing serious fluctuation of odds.  Success in live soccer betting is solely dependent on your ability to analyze the game and interpret the possible outcome. 

What you see in the game is very important, unlike predicting a full match, which is dependent on the head to head statistics

Why you should try live soccer betting

  • It is very enjoyable because what you see is what you bet
  • It has a variety of betting options
  • Odds are softer and bigger

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Strategies of live soccer betting

Watch the game

When placing live bets, it is vital to watch the game because it gives you an insight into who will win the game. The team with the highest possession often has higher chances of winning the game.  In the fixture between arsenal and wolves, the gunners started the game very well and almost opened the scoring within a minute. Bettors who read the game adequately banked on Arsenal to score the first goal, and in the 32nd minute, Pepe scored.

After the Luiz red card, the prospects changed, and it was clear that Wolves could win the game. What a banker that Premier League fixture was!

«Small margins decide the big picture of a soccer game when you go bet live.»

Don't judge too early

A football game is played for 90 minutes, and anything can happen anytime. When a team scores early, it is not certain that they will win the fixture. Even with a 2:0 score, you should not blindly trust that the leading team will win the match. There are several factors like yellow cards, red cards, and injuries that can change the game.

In this fixture, Strasbourg was leading but lost Habib Diallo to injury. This distorted Strasbourg's midfield, and they ended up conceding two goals in the last 10 minutes of the game.

Bet for value not to win

The markets you choose determine your profit margins and risks in a live bet. If team X is trailing team Y 2:1 at the 86th minute, chances of the game-ending like that are very high. Greed can push you to stake high on the leading team to win with an odd of 1.09. with 6 minutes to go, there is nothing much that can go on, but with such an odd, it is meaningless to risk your money.

Factor in yellow cards and red cards

Bookings are part of football since they help bring order to this beautiful game. Even though they are essential, the bookings lower the players' confidence, mostly for midfielders and defenders.

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For instance, in the Premier League fixture above, Manchester United were the favorites, but the red card made it even easier for the Devils. With one man down, Southampton were overpowered, and it was definitely going to be a high-scoring game. An Over 3.5 Goals or BTTS - NO was the most likely bet ant it ended like that.

Are there any major injuries?

Before placing a live bet, check the team game stats for any injury concerns. Some players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi are crucial to the team, and if they get injured, the team's creativity diminishes.
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