How To Use Head-To-Head Statistics To Place Your Bets?

h2h betting strategy systemFootball is a multibillion-dollar economic player with untapped potential.  The players, coaches, and the technical team earn their living through promotions and sell of television rights. However, these are not the sole beneficiaries of the sport. There are hundreds of betting companies and millions of gamblers that earn from predicting the outcome of these football matches.

Football betting is a very lucrative business whose popularity has risen sharply over the past ten years. Economist predicts that by 2022 the sector will realize a 75% growth. Currently, four in every ten people place bets at least twice a week. Football betting is a mind game that requires patience, discipline, and a proper betting strategy to win. The best approach to betting is hopeful but bracing for heartbreaks. If you are thinking of “all rosy days,” then this is not your field.

What Is Head-To-Head Statistics?

Head-to-head statistics in football betting is a record of previous games between two teams. There are often more statistics between teams playing in similar leagues because they face off at least twice every season.  It makes it simpler for you to analyze the games before settling on the best possible ticket.

The statistics are vital because they are recorded in history books. These records are very sentimental to the players, coaches, and fans because it determines their legacies. Regardless of how poor a team is performing, be careful not to predict that the team will lose blindly. You can be into a root shock mostly in derby matches and “big-boy” games.

How To Use It To Your Advantage at Football Betting?

In the 2020-2021 Spanish La Liga season, the fixture between Real Madrid FC and Barcelona was taught to be a straightforward game. Many betting sites predicted a comfortable win for Barcelona because of the home ground advantage, but the results went south. At the time, Barcelona was in terrific form, but the head to head statistics was against Barcelona. It had a better record in the El Clasico matches, mostly for the champion’s league and away fixtures, but had a problem winning home league matches. Gamblers, who considered this stubborn history, won their bets.

Moreover, the head to head statistics on the number of goals is critical. Some games see numerous goals, while others often end in barren draws. Betting on the number of goals, say Over 1.5 or Over 2.5 goals is a very strategy. If the previous games between the teams you picked resulted in many goals, there are high chances of the trend continuing.  Avoid big derbies with historical rivalries because the result is very unpredictable due to the intensity of such games.

Betting on the specific players to score has very high odds and can win you some good cash with small stakes. Before settling on the anytime goalscorer bet, you must analyze the head to head statistics. Who does not know that Lionel Messi loves scoring during El Clasico matches? He has scored 26 goals against Real Madrid in 21 El Clasico matches. This equals one goal per game, and Messi scoring in the next similar match is worth banking your money on. The sole target for gamblers is winning, and proper analysis of such statistics can win you lots of cash.

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Article Added: 12 Jan 2021, 21:50 pm GMT

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