The Meaning Of Over And Under Bets

Placing an over or under bet is predicting the number an event occurs in a football match. This betting market is extensive and is solely dependent on numbers. It is considered one of the most straightforward markets that are very popular among bettors.

What is Over/Under goals prediction?


When placing an over goals prediction bet, you predict the least number of goals to be scored in the game. For instance, if you place an over 1.5 goals bet, it means that the least number to be scored in that game is two. If your prediction is over 2.5, the game must end with more than three goals.
Say Real Madrid is playing Getafe, and you place an over 2.5 bet with odd 2.05, the goals scored in this game must be 3 or more. The time the goals were score, so long as it is within normal time, does not matter. Goals from any team also count in an over 2.5 bet. For you to win, here are some sample final scores you expect: 2:1, 1:2, 5:0, 10:0, and any other score with three or more goals.

The goals must be scored within the 90 minutes or added time. Any goal scored in extra time or penalty shootout does not count.


Predicting under goals bet is riskier than over because it restricts the number of goals to be scored in a game. Placing under 1.5 goals bet in a football match means that only one or no goal should be scored for you to win.
 Say you Real Madrid is playing Getafe in a Laliga fixture, and you place an under 2.5 bet with odd 1.69, the number of goals that should be scored in this game should be two or less. This leaves you with only three options, either two, one, or no goals in the game's normal time.  The only score lines that can win you cash if you placed an under 2.5 goals bet in this fixture are 0:1, 1:0, 0:0, 2:0, 1:1, or 0:2.

Why placing an Over bet is better than Under bet

An under 1.5 or 2.5 markets often have higher odds compared to over 1.5 and over 2.5. However, the risk that comes with predicting under number of goals is always higher than predicting over number of goals. Greedy bettors ignore the risks but always end up losing football bets.

To avoid falling into this trap, analyze the games properly, way the risks and go quality driven by value, not quantity.

For instance, in week 20 of the 2020/2021 EPL season, out of the 10 fixtures, only one game ended with an under 1.5 goals scoreline.
Furthermore, this 20th week of the premier league saw only 3 games ending with less than 3 goals. What does this mean?  Bettors who placed 10 over 2.5 single bets on English premier league games won 70% of the bets—considering that over 2.5 odds in the premier league average around 2.0, the 70% win ratio is excellent. What are you waiting for? Over 2.5 goals is a very predictable market.
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