How To Beat The Bookies In Betting On The Number Of Goals

how to win over/under bets in football bettingThe world of betting is getting larger and more exciting by the day. The desire to outshine the bookies is increasing, with gamblers and bookmarkers crafting more complex ways of analyzing football games. Currently, there are several ways that have been tried, but the biggest problem has always been inconsistency. Football fanatics, especially the Premier League fans, have found it hard to stick to the analysis but rather fall to the hearty traps.

But can you beat the bookies in football betting? Well, it is possible; however, sure bets do not exist. It is more of luck and strategy. Here is an insight into how to win bets on the number of goals.

Research before making any prediction

Research is an art that you must master to outshine the bookies. Several factors determine the outcome of your research, with the depth of the analysis and availability of content playing a crucial goal. Thankfully, there are several live score provision sites with the head-to-head history.

For teams whose 90% of their previous meetings has seen more than four goals scored, the probability of history repeating itself is enormous. To be safe, you can place over 2.5 goals bet and stake high. It is not only the head to head statistics that determine the outcome. The current performance of the teams is also very crucial. In 2017, Monaco had an excellent season and finished the season as runners up but the next season saw a complete opposite. The conversion rates of the front three were so low, and they survived relegation by a whisker.

Understand the value of risking on the odds you picked

Bookmarkers generate odds, but they do not determine the outcome of the odds. After properly analyzing different football games, many gamblers find picking a winning combination tough. Greed is a major factor that deters success in gambling. The higher the amount of goals to be scored, the higher the odds, and it is directly proportional to the amount of risk. You would rather contend with a lower odd with a higher chance of winning. It is a very sensitive balance that is crucial if you want to beat the bookies in over/under goals market.

«Greed is a major factor that deters success in gambling»

Read the team news

A football team is made up of 11 footballers, but the importance of each player varies. Yan Oblak of Atletico Madrid is crucial in goal and is arguably among the finest goalkeepers who have grassed the beautiful game. Similarly, Sergio Ramos of Real Madrid is a world-class defender who has given headaches to a number of strikers. They do not score many goals, and their presence or absence hardly changes the outcome of the number of goals the team could score.

Lionel Messi, on the other hand, is a scoring machine who is very important in Barcelona. When he is absent, the team does not score very many matches. In 2019, he suffered a knock and was sidelined for four games. It was bizarre because Barcelona lost all four matches and scored only two goals. Consider the availability and form of key players before betting on the number of goals a specific team will score.

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