Best Online Accumulator Betting Strategy and Tips 2019

Due to their characteristic cumulative higher odds even with low stakes, accumulators are the second most popular type of sports. With accas, as punters like to call it, you could win big by combining a series of single events into one and gaining higher odds subsequently.

But even with that, you cannot guarantee a sports bet win as each of these single events is influenced by its own unique factors. You can only place yourself strategically to get the best value out of your bet when you eventually win. Here are some good points to help you get more out of accas:

Make Use of Bonuses

There are lots of bonuses offered by a wide range of online bookmakers, especially for football and tennis. Bookmakers such as William Hill and 10Bet even offer acca bonuses for all sports giving punters the choice of mixing sports in their bet selections. The best bonuses pay extra winnings in cash and also start with a low number of selections. Try and make good use of these bonuses to amplify your winnings.

You Are Less Likely to Win with Big Accumulators

The greater the number of selections, the lesser your chances of winning. Big accumulators only enrich the pocket of your bookmaker.  The best way to bet is to make multiple acca bets with a decent number of selections each. These allow you greater chances of earning a good amount of money relative to your stake in each bet. If your acca bet is for example 3000/1 you should know you will technically win once in 3000 bets.

Place Acca Bets for Fun and Keep Your Stakes Low

Expert punters always advise to bet on accas for fun and as supplementary bets instead. Winning using accas is more fun when you did not expect it. Keep your stakes low so you won’t lose much money and hope that you are always in luck. Imagine the feeling of winning big on your main bet and your supplementary acca bet on the same day.

Best to Go with Markets Instead of Outright Results

One issue you may have encountered if you have been betting for a while is that odds for match winners or draw are relatively limited in range. An experienced punter knows there are many market choices to add into an accumulator bet. Both teams to score or a team to qualify (in a 2-leg qualification match) have better odds and offer a better chance of winning. You only need about 4 or 5 selections of these types in an acca bet to get similar odds as a 7 or 8-fold match result acca bet. Remember to keep the number of selections low in to reduce bookmaker commissions and the chance of losing.

Find the Best Odds

The odds of each selection in an acca bet are just as important as the cumulative odds of the acca bet itself. Acca bet odds are gotten from multiplying the odds of the single event selections together. That means that an extra 5% in the odds of one event can significantly increase your cumulative acca odds. Other factors such as available bonuses and insurance also affect the cumulative odds and total possible earnings.


Always remember the number one rule in betting. Do not bet with money you cannot afford to lose. Besides being irresponsible, you almost will never win when you place your hopes on a bet. If you look at it critically, you will find that you tend to make bad decisions when you stake such money on a bet.
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