Have Liverpool Already Sealed the Premier League?

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As the year changed from 2019 to 2020, Liverpool went a whole year without being beaten in a Premier League game.

Their last 37 league games have ended in either a win or a draw, helping the reds rack up a total of 101 points over that period. If they continue their current performance they could end the current season on 112 points, 2 off the maximum available and more than any other team has ever achieved.

Only two other teams have achieved a whole year of being undefeated, Arsenal who went 49 games without a loss in 2003 and 2004, and Chelsea who were undefeated for 13 months.

Liverpool have been putting in dominant performances in every game this season. After thrashing Leicester City 4-0 in December, they went on to beat Sheffield United in early January. These performances don't look like they'll be ending any time soon either, with MarathonBet currently making them clear favourites against Tottenham.

They also then beat Everton in the FA Cup third round game, the 235th Merseyside Derby. While Everton have not had the best of seasons, their performance has improved significantly over the last couple of months. So, although Liverpool were still favourites, the game wasn’t going to be the walkover it was a month earlier, when they won 5-2.

Dominance in Context

During the same period as Liverpool’s undefeated year, Manchester City have scored 92 points, Leicester 66, Chelsea 64 and Manchester United 59. However, Liverpool has a game in hand, so could up its tally to 104.

While this dominance doesn’t look likely to end any time soon, statistically Liverpool will have to lose a game sooner or later. The question is when that will be. Can they make it to the end of this season and walk away with 112 points?

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Already Won the League?

Some football commentators and pundits are saying that Liverpool have all but won the Premier League already, arguing that their dominance and 13 point lead mean they are unlikely to lose enough points for the title to not go their way.

While this is true, the most important word here is “unlikely”. It is still possible that the Liverpool side could fall apart due to a lack of confidence after a bad game. The reds have 18 games left to play this season, most of them are against sides that they should easily beat, including West Ham and Norwich City.

However, they also have some big teams to face. Namely Manchester City, Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal and Everton. United are the only team that have taken points away from Liverpool this season, and this will be playing on the minds of Klopp’s men. They do have home advantage for this game though, so the tables are turned after the draw at Old Trafford.

The match against Everton will be a game where the pressure is on for Liverpool. Although they beat the Blues in the FA Cup third round and earlier in the Premier League season, the game is always heated. The Merseyside Derby has a higher rate of red and yellow cards than any other derby in the Premier League, so the game could be a risk of injuries or match bans.

Can Another Team Catch Up?

It is fair to say that the season is now Liverpool’s to lose. They are 13 points ahead with a game in hand, meaning this lead could actually be 16. For either Leicester or Manchester City to catch up, Liverpool will have to start losing games from January onwards. Either of these two teams would also have to win every game.

While Leicester don’t look capable of winning every game (they’ve lost two and drew one of their last 3 games), Manchester City have proven they are capable of it after doing exactly that at the end of last season.

Have Liverpool sealed the deal already? Not quite, but almost. To lose the lead they have now would be the result of a monumental collapse of the team, and that just doesn’t seem remotely likely at the moment.
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