How to Take Advantage of Red Cards In Live Soccer Betting

A football match sees a lot of events during the statured 90 minutes. Some of these events, like the goal-scoring chances created, helps the team grow positivity toward scoring goals. These events are also important factors that should determine how bettors place their bets.

For instance, when a team possesses the ball with over 65% and creates many goal-scoring opportunities, it is likely to win the game. However, others, like yellow cards and red cards, are red light signals which you must not ignore to win live bets. Here is how soccer bettors can take advantage of red cards in live soccer betting.

The red-carded team is likely to lose the match

Playing with one man down is a big blow to any football team because it leads to a huge dent, bringing a significant imbalance to the game. The red-carded team feels the imbalance because the player's roles will increase to try to cover the position where the dismissed player played. 

In this case, the team can end up losing because it becomes more vulnerable to attacks. No matter how good the team's defensive records can be, conceding goals becomes easier. 
For instance, in the above premier league fixture between Manchester United and Southampton, the visitors were reduced to ten men in the 2nd minute. In football, getting a red card this early is disastrous because it brings tension, and players become fatigued due to the extra work of covering the extra position. 

Even though Southampton was in a great run of form, the red card changed the prospects of the game and ended up losing badly to Manchester united. The early goals made the situation worse because, by halftime, the score was 4:0 in favor of Manchester United. 

In such cases, bettors must take full advantage of the red cards by staking very high on the red-carded team to lose. 

The red-carded team concedes many goals

Red cards often shake a team's defense and make them very vulnerable to attacks. In the highlighted premier league above, Manchester United vs Southampton, the game ended with a 9:0 score. Keen bettors who took advantage of the red card had several goal-scoring markets to choose from since all the goals were scored after Alex was sent off. 

The team to win the game was an almost sure bet, but the odds were lower compared to the available goal-scoring markets. For example, team to score next-Manchester united and Manchester united over 3.5 goals, were very sure live betting options. Now you know what to do the next time a team concedes a red card. 

Place corner bets

Another imbalance that red cards bring to the beautiful game is on the percentage of possession. The team that is one man down always changes its strategy to a defensive game, and this can be a wrong move since the opponents will have a bigger space and more time to launch attacks, resulting in more corners. You can therefore bet on an increased number of corners than normal, say over 13.5 corners. 

All it takes to increase your winning prospects when betting live games with red cards is making the right choices. 
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