Yellow Cards And Red Cards Football Betting Strategy

Yellow cards and red cards are common in every football match, but the number of yellow cards is always more than red. Predicting the number of cards in a football match is a very unpredictable betting market. Read through to get an insight into winning strategies.

What do the stats say?

The aggressiveness of football teams vary. With an average of 23 games played, here is how the aggression table looks like in Europe’s top 5 leagues;
Such statistics are crucial to winning yellow cards and red card predictions.  In 23 matches, M Cassama of FC Reims has been booked nine times; 7 yellow cards and two red cards. Likewise, W Faes, his teammate, has also received ten bookings, nine of them being yellow cards.

The statistics above proves that Reims is a very aggressive team and their midfield players are susceptible to getting booked. With such statistics, winning will become a habit.

Look at individual player’s history

Playing the defensive midfielder role is one of the toughest roles in football. The whole team depends on you to ensure the flow of the game. A defensive midfielder should protect his defenders through interceptions and defensive tackle and at the same time feed his forward with passes.

Since to defend, you must tackle your opponents; midfielders are prone to making mistakes. The mistakes are often punished with yellow cards and red cards for serious offences. Bettors must therefore take advantage of players playing such roles, especially those playing number 6 and 8. 
For instance, Patrick Vieira, Arsenal's legendary midfield maestro, was red-carded 9 times in his Arsenal career.

Bank on very competitive games

Competitive football matches are always very dirty because footballers’ adrenaline can easily get out of control. In games such as this, anger can get out of hand and with it comes fights. Even though it is unacceptable in football, footballers are also human and can end up fighting. As a result, they get booked and ultimately cost their teams.
In the 2006 Champions League's final, Arsenal were the reigning Premier League champions and the favourites to win the trophy. However, in the 18th minute, the Arsenal goalkeeper, Jena Lehman, fouled an opponent and was seen off. His lack of composure messed his team big because they ended up losing the game despite scoring first—bank on such games, especially promotion and relegation battles.

Yellow cards and red cards betting markets

Number of bookings- most football matches realize an average of five bookings per game. This option allows you to predict the possible number of cards, with the most common bet being over/under 5.5 bookings.

Red card betting-you predict the possibility of a dismissal in a match

First/next/last booking- it is only applicable in live games. If team X is playing team Y, you can bet on team Y to get the first booking. 
Minute of booking- it is a common market in big football fixtures like UEFA Champions and Europa leagues. To make it realistic, the 90 minutes are split into nine, 10-minute sections.
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