What Is Half-time/Full-time (HT/FT) Betting?

As a football bettor, you are spoilt for choices as there are different markets available for you. Apart from the ordinary home, draw or away win, you have numerous halftime/fulltime betting markets. Most gamblers choose to ignore these markets completely because of negligence or not being aware of it. In most cases, the odd for either half win is bigger than the full game win.

However, predicting both halftime and fulltime result in a game is not something you do without a strategy. In this article, we teach you how to take advantage of this market to win big. 

The meaning

Placing halftime/fulltime bets is predicting the outcome for both first half and second half results. Your wager is dependent on the scores from both halves. This market has several betting options that bettors can exploit. However, unlike three-way betting, HT/FT betting requires indebt analysis and wiser decisions to win. 

Halftime/fulltime markets for Everton vs Southampton

Everton-Everton or HT1/FT1@ 3.50 odds

This betting market means that Everton lead in both halves. The first half score determines your winning chances because if Everton scores in the first half, they can defend the goal and your win stands. It has the least odds compared to other markets because it is the most likely option considering Everton’s recent form. 

Draw-Everton or HTX/FT1 @5.50 odds

It means that the game must end with a draw result in the first half, but Everton wins the game in the second half. The number of goals scored in the game does not affect your wager in the halftime/fulltime betting markets.

Everton-draw or HT1/FTX @ 15.00 odds

Everton should win the first half, but to win the bet, the away team must equalise in the second half. If the first half result is 1:0, any final draw final result, say 1;1 or 2:2, would win you the bet. 

Draw-draw or HTX/FTX @ 5.50 odds

To win, both the first half and second half must end as draws. 

Sothampton-everton or HT2/FT1 @ 26 ODDS

It means Southampton should win the first half, but Everton wins from behind in the second half. For instance, if the first half score is 0:1, Everton should score 2 or more goals in the other half. 

Southampton-draw or HT2/FTX @ 15 odds

This betting market means that Southampton should win the first half, but the home team will equalise in the second half. The final result must be drawn for your win to stand. 

Everton -Southampton or HT1/FT2 @ 34 odds

In this halftime/fulltime betting market Everton should win the first half but lose the game, meaning that the away team should come from behind to win the game in the second half. 

Draw-Southampton   or HTX/FT1 @ 8.00 odds

The HTX/FT2 betting market means that the teams will draw in the first half, but to win your wager, Southampton must win the second half.

Southampton-Southampton or HT2/FT2 @ 6.00 odds

Southampton, which is the visiting team, must win in the first half and either defend its win in the second half or score more goals for your bet to stand.  

The halftime/fulltime betting markets are very profitable and easy if only you analyse the games properly.
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