How Fooball Odds Are Calculated

It is crucial for bettors to understand how betting odds are made. With a proper understanding, you can make wiser decisions and find value in picking the best-betting markets. The quality of odds determines your profit margins, and with it, you develop a winning culture, which many people lack.

It is sad to see many bettors losing bets because they do not understand how odds are generated. The process of calculating odds is long and tedious because of the complexities associated with balancing the odds. 

How bookmarkers generate odds

Analyzing the Data

Proper data analysis is the most crucial step in the odd making process. It requires a big workforce because of the amount of data that must be analyzed before coming up with the odds. Bookmarkers often seek services of specialists like traders, odd compilers, and data entry Clarks to help write down the odds. 

It is impossible to analyze all games because hundreds of games are played daily. Weekends are even more stressful because thousands of games are played over the weekends. There is special software that is automated that compared the head to head statistics and current form to determine the odds. All odds are dependent on percentage probabilities.  


Cash projections

Bookmarkers calculate cash projections using advanced algorithms before publishing the odds. A more popular game means that it would be predicted several times. The cash projections are very crucial to the survival of betting companies because if the bookmarkers get it wrong, the betting site risks running losses.  

If  Barcelona is playing Levante, Barcelona is very likely to win considering the quality of players in the team. Such games have minimal odds because they are almost sure, and they are predicted countless times per day. 

The Margin

Bookmarkers calculate profit margins before posing the odds. At this stage, the odds are edited and often reduced. Of the actual odd is 2.0 for a home team, it might be slashed to 1.65. The cut is attributed to the taxes that these betting companies are charged. 

Why do odds fluctuate?

There are several factors that cause the odds to fluctuate before and during the game. For instance, if PSG is playing against Lille with an odd of 1.8, and Neymar gets a knock before kick-off, the odds can increase.  This is because Neymar is one of their most important players who creates and scores many goals. 

Do bookmarkers make mistakes when generating odds?

Bookmarkers are very keen when making odds because a single mistake can be too costly. In the 2015/2016 season, Leicester winning the league was odd 5000 at the beginning of the season. Very few risk-taking bettors gambled their money and won big. The bookmarkers lost millions of dollars because they downplayed possibilities. 

Bottom line

The odds do not reflect the actual probability of occurrence of an event in any football match. 

Moreover, odds do not affect the outcome of thevgame in any way. Stick to your analysis to win matches regardless of how big the odd is. 
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