How I Entered the World of Sports Bettings

How I Entered the World of Sports Bettings
How can you know which sportsbook provider suits you best? To get an answer this question, you have to make up in advance which criteria you will be using in you search. Is an attractive welcome bonus important to you, do you need a bookmaker that has many different options for deposits, are you looking for the best betting odds or maybe quick withdrawals?

The clearer your respective wishes are, the safer the betting providers that you are finding will be, tailored exactly to your needs without taking risks when choosing the best.

Even if you are not into real sports, you can still do esports betting if video games are your thing. But, instead of playing them, you can bet on the players that compete professionally in the discipline of esports. Sports betting sites nowadays give offers tailored specifically for esports betting, so the advice you will see here applies to the same betting providers.

How Can You Select the Right Sports Betting Provider?

When you look for a sports betting provider, you have to align your testing process to your preferences. For example, reviewers do not place individual sports betting sites randomly in a ranking. Their entire test process is divided into numerous reviewing steps.

Therefore, you can either trust experts in the field of online betting or even better, develop your own filter for which you will need at least several months of experience into active sports betting. This means accumulating lots of data and facts about the providers that are generally important.

In doing so, you have to take a closer look at the history of the company and the persons involved as well as the financial background and licenses (preferably a license from the UK Gambling Commission, Malta, Gibraltar etc.). This gives you guarantees that the provider is safe, reliable and trustworthy and that there are no concerns.

As soon as a provider fulfills the strict criteria in terms of security, trust and reliability, you can start with the standard test procedure. Overall, you have to check 10 important test areas, or at least half of these:
  • Compare the betting odds with other providers
  • Analyze the betting offer in depth
  • Test the live betting platform
  • Test the customer service by asking questions (check which contact options are available)
  • Types of deposits available (credit/debit card, e-wallet, etc.)
  • History and reputation in terms of payments of winnings
  • Operation and usability of the betting site (if it is user-friendly, if it has bugs etc.)
  • The website performance as well as internet loading times
  • The offered betting bonus for new customers and other promotions
  • Security, trust and status in the betting industry
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