Betting On Goals: How To Properly Bet On Goals To Be Scored?

Betting on goals is predicting the total number of goals to be scored per game. The goal betting market is famous among bettors because it is not dependent on the three-way final score.  Despite being a simple market to predict, a win is not guaranteed when you predict the number of goals.

Like all other betting markets, you must have proper over/under betting strategies to winning any goal bet. There are several goal betting markets with different expected results. The riskier the prediction, the higher the number of goals.

Popular goal betting markets

The most popular goal betting markets are:

  • Both teams to score (BTTS) - to win this bet, both teams compete ting must score at least one goal. The score must end with results like 1:1, 2:1, 4:3

  • Over/under (per game). It can either be the first half, second half, or full-time result. This market is extensive, and the more the number of goals expected, the higher the odds. The markets include: over/under1.5, over/under2.5 and over/under5.5

  • Team Over/Under (per team) - it is a more specific goal betting market. You predict the number of goals a team can score within 90 minutes, first half or second half. The odds are higher compared to the predicting over/under number of goals for the full game.

  • Betting on the exact number of goals. It involves predicting the exact number of goals. This market has very high odds but is the risk of losing is also very high.

Strategies of betting on goals

Proper analysis of the game

Football is a very unpredictable game. However, with proper analysis of the head to head statistics, you stand better chances of winning a goal market bet. The head to head statistics between competing teams are historical, and as the pundits say, history tends to repeat itself.

If you take a closer look at a football fixture, say between levanter and real Madrid, the previous meetings ended with over 2.5 goals and both teams to score. Such games are straightforward to predict because there are 90% chances of the fixture ending with similar results.

In such scenarios, the best strategy is going for the goal betting market with the biggest odds.

Reading the team news

The team news reveals the players fit to play in a football fixture, and with it, you get to know the possible lineup. For instance, if Barcelona is playing against Real Madrid, there are vital players who, if not present, expectations of the game changes. One such player is Messi. When Messi is injured or suspended, the chances of Barcelona winning the game dramatically reduces. Messi is very crucial who scores many goals, creates chances, and gives the team confidence. It would help if you avoided games where the most important players are missing.

Reviewing the teams' current form

The head-to-head statistics sometimes do not show the team's current winning streak ad goal-scoring capabilities. Therefore, it is very wise to always check on the current team's form before settling on any goal betting markets.
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