Meaning Of Total Bookings Over 2.5

Player fitness plays a crucial role in the success of every football team. However, with energy comes physicality, and sometimes it can result in fractures and hamstrings. Bookings were introduced to reduce negative physicality like dangerous tackles and unnecessary fights in the field.

What is betting on bookings?

Placing a bookings bet is predicting the total number of bookings in a football match. You can predict the cumulative number of bookings or predict the number of red cards and yellow cards separately.

Total number of cards/bookings over 2.5

If you place a total bookings Over 2.5 bet, the total number of red cards and yellow cards must be 3 or more.
In the above fixture between shake 04 and BVB, the total number of bookings is 4, meaning any bettor who settled for over 2.5 bookings won the bet. Both the home team and away team was booked twice within standard time. 

Home Team Over 2.5 cards/ bookings

A home team over 2.5 cards bet is more restrictive compared to total cards over 2.5. In the Bundesliga fixture above,  only two Schalke players were yellow carded. This means that the cards were less than 2.5; therefore, bettors who placed this bet lost their wagers. 

Away Team Over 2.5 cards

Just like home team over 2.5 bets, the away team must be booked 3 or more times for you to win this bet. The type of booking does not matter since red cards and yellow cards are all bookings. 

Other Total bookings Over 2.5 markets

First half over 2.5 bookings

This is a very unpopular betting market because of its difficulty. The prospects of winning this bet are minimal because the verdict is decided in the first 45 minutes of a football match. since players are still adapting to the weather conditions and flow of the game, the first half is often silent and sees very few cards, if any.

In the above fixture, the game ended with 5 bookings, but only one booking was given in the first half.

Total Bookings Over 2.5 Second Half

Placing a second half over 2.5 bookings is a very safe bet because most players are booked in the second half of the game. For instance, the above fixture between Atletico de Madrid and Levante ended with 5 bookings, but 4 of the 5s came in the second half. 

It is a common occurrence since, in the second half, the game has taken shape, and intensity is at its highest. 

When to place a total bookings Over 2.5 Bet

Derby games


When Chelsea played Tottenham in the 2020/2021 EPL season, the game saw five yellow cards. This is a common occurrence in the London derby because of the fierce rivalry. It would help if you banked on such games for total bookings over 2.5 bets.

Bottom table clashes

The fight for survival, especially in Europe’s top five leagues, is a life and death situation. No single team is ready to drop to lower divisions since winning promotion is an even tougher task. In such games, plenty of yellow cards and a few red cards are common.
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